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I've had great luck with RLPL cashmere turtlenecks. But I've gotten them at the RL sample sales, so I haven't paid $1K for them. I'm not sure of the vintage or your size, so this might be old-school baggy or not fit you, but there is one at $100 (so far) on ebay:   I also have some from Daniele Fiesoli and Fedeli...
I was looking for them everywhere a couple of years ago and they were more difficult to find, but I did manage to locate some. This past season, I was tripping all over them everywhere.
I purchased the dual clothing brush from the retail store associated with the Kent factory on ebay. [  ]   I found the cashmere brush marketed on the Kent site, but not for sale in their ebay store. There seem to be a couple on ebay, but I don't think the sellers are associated with Kent.
I just grabbed one of them. They retail for $109 (plus tax) on Amazon and I just paid around $35 delivered. I'm not giving it as a gift, so a gnarled handle is okay. Thanks, SF!   I do see a cashmere brush on the Kent site, so it might be a good idea to have two brushes. One with the two levels on it like the double-sided Kent brush and something for more delicate fabrics.
I'm loving Seaman Schepps cuff links. Andy Warhol had a bunch of vintage Seaman Schepps jewelry among his hoarded treasures...
It's not outrageously expensive, but the black trimming details might date it quickly. So the value could be lacking.
I love suits. I love the more casual mix of trousers and sports coat.   That said, I would definitely not wear the more casual mix to a fancy dinner or a festive evening party. And I would probably not wear a suit to a casual brunch. I have some suits that can be more casual due to their fabrication, so I might wear a suit, but probably wouldn't.
I've just come back. They do have a lot of the thinner 7cm ties, but I picked up a couple regardless because they were so darn nice and one I'm wearing to a wedding in the spring. The Fair Isles are mostly in larger sizes, (I took one of the last few 38s) but they have a lot of other vests. There are a few mogul-print square scarves left, which are kind of an odd shape, but I bought one anyway. There are a lot of the dotted reversible scarves, but not any madders or...
If you want to come across as someone who has a very studied look, it could be. I guess it all depends on the desired effect. Personally, I would choose a hard-finish leather or fabric (like surcingle) belt to complement my suede shoes rather than wearing the exact same finish. To me, suede with same color suede feels akin to a tie and matching pocket square.
I think you need a non-suede belt to match suede shoes. Otherwise it gets matchy-matchy. Though a suede belt is nice to have.
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