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 I think it depends on which ones you get. I've had some that are awful to remove (leave behind a reside/stain) and some that come off just fine.
Selected sizes only too. Mostly mediums and larger sizes.
 Just over $400. Full price was $895.
Picked up that peacoat for a fantastic deal yesterday, really excited to see it.
40% off plus an additional 25% until 1 pm EST today at Bloomingdales.
 Thanks Frank!  Guys and gals at a wedding I went to just loved it.
Figured I'd add to the gunclub pics.  
 I wear the exact same sizes as you, 10.5 regular shoes and a 10D on the barrie last and a 43 fits me very well after they break in.
Friendly heads up, the chest and shoulder measurements on the alvao sky blue flannel shirt are flipped for the M, X, and XL sizes.
Saw these snuff suede Butteros at another store. I think we need them.  
New Posts  All Forums: