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 Think it was the brown puppytooth. I feel the love 
Pics don't do the FJ justice. Color is just perfect.  
Are the field jackets still on track to be here in the next week or two?
Maiden voyage. Leydon is my new favorite last.  
Is the length on the small Merz u-necks correct?
For those of you that own Lindberg glasses, how comfortable are the nose pads? I switched to ones without them after my nose would get a bitt sore and red after wearing them all day.
Which ones did you get, thinking about picking up a pair.
Does the discount for Eidos mto extend to those who cannot attend?
There is a brown 46, 48, and 50 field coat like the one from NMWA at bloomies as of yesterday.
Is a size 46 the smallest you can order?
New Posts  All Forums: