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Those all look amazing. The jackets in picture 7 and 11 are my favorite.
What shoes are you wearing?
 FJ is 46 and I wear a 36/46 in suits. I don't mind the extended shoulder, I was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt in that pic so it may have been more noticeable. It's perfect for layering over a jacket or sweater though for the extra space.
Thanks Stich
Field coat.  
Field coat and Begg scarf.  
Eidos navy herringbone. I'll get a better picture someday when I'm not lazy. Someone pick up the 48 that's still left! 
Eidos suit from NMWA.  
Glad to see that fits you so well Scott! Looks fantastic.
Thanks! 29" waist, went with a III and they fit perfectly.Good choice! You'll love them once they break in.
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