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Maiden voyage. Leydon is my new favorite last.  
Is the length on the small Merz u-necks correct?
For those of you that own Lindberg glasses, how comfortable are the nose pads? I switched to ones without them after my nose would get a bitt sore and red after wearing them all day.
Which ones did you get, thinking about picking up a pair.
Does the discount for Eidos mto extend to those who cannot attend?
There is a brown 46, 48, and 50 field coat like the one from NMWA at bloomies as of yesterday.
Is a size 46 the smallest you can order?
I stayed with the same size but went with a short instead of regular.
 That's what I did. I take a 46 in Eidos and 44 in Formosa.
Love those Butteros. One of those field coats will be mine...
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