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  Formosa, Rota, and Inglese.
Tried this on as soon as it arrived. Amazing piece; bad photo doesn't do it justice.  
 I'm a 36" chest and the medium was perfect for me.
Snagged this from Ebay for a great price.  
Hey guys,   Parting ways with this wonderful jacket because I'm moving to a warmer place.   Jacket is in excellent condition.     Let me know if you have any questions.
 Is the 550g comparable to the oatmeal fabric from the previous F/W MTO?
Are the Formosa pre-orders from May arriving pretty soon?   Can't wait for those :)
Shoemart email says they have a cigar cap toe balmoral instock for sizes 9.5-11D.
 Think it was the brown puppytooth. I feel the love 
Pics don't do the FJ justice. Color is just perfect.  
New Posts  All Forums: