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Looks good. Is there any information as to the beats per hour for the movement and whether it is hackable?
Alternatively, try this Hamilton homage by Beijing Watch Factory. I would've gotten this if I hadn't decided to try my luck with the now-broken Orient.  http://www.good-stuffs.com/New-Beijing-primitivism-16-automatic-dress-watch_p_116.html 
My date pusher on the Orient Ray just broke when installing a new crystal and it's a pain getting a replacement part in Sydney. I'd stick with a Hamilton or a Seiko. Better servicability and easier to get parts if you're out of warranty. 
There is the new Orient Bambino if you don't mind the off white/cream dial  
 Now as much as people don't like going on Aliexpress, I've previously bought one from this seller to replace one from a Fossil and the quality seems reasonable for something under $25.  Can also try http://www.internationalwatchman.com/home.html
I've picked up a few cheaper cordovan straps from ebay for under $60 shipped but they tend to be one-offs and don't come up all that often. Hadley Romas and Hirsch are quite good for the price. What's your price range? 
@Foxhound , you should consider the Seiko SNZF17K1 . If you don't like the dial or hands, you can order some replacements from Yokobies or Dagaz watch and have any accomplished jeweller replace them with a pressure test afterwards. I'm trying this with an Orient Ray that I picked up for cheap from Long Island.  
Thanks mate. The movement is hackable and has 28800 beats per hour. Can't find a better dress watch at that price. 
Cotton by its very nature is wrinkly but I know what you're talking about. I'm currently wearing one of their silk road poplin shirts that's made of a particularly wrinkly cloth. However, I find it gets better after repeated washes which removes the starch from the fabric and the wrinkles don't affect my enjoyment of the shirt.    If you want to avoid wrinkles, best stick with a non-iron fabric in a heavier weave. Reality is, cotton wrinkles. 
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