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The entire hanger is very thick and the shoulders are well shaped. Been using mine for 8 months with no troubles, 
I source my suit hangers from here. Works out to about $7-8 per hanger. 
Very nice. I own quite a few myself from around 2012-2014. I find I can go down half a size in the CT extra slim fit and it fits closer to the true size TML fully fitted equivalent. 
The calf leather they use gets buttery soft around the heels and ankles after repeat wears and they can also put on a topy sole for free if you order their goodyear welted shoes. An excellent value proposition, especially with the option of custom sizing and designs. 
They do come in standard sizes but the flipside is you don't have an opportunity to try them yourself before purchase, which has problems for the relatively inexperienced. 
I believe it's still possible to get decent shoes for under $200, albeit you have to go to overseas channels. I have a couple of pairs of MTO calfskin shoes from Shanghai Tianzi which are exceptional quality for the price of $221 USD. I've also found another supplier of goodyear calfskin shoes in China that make sub-$200 shoes. I haven't tried them yet but if they can deliver, it's a ridiculously good deal. 
I use a sharp scalpel to open up the buttonholes. Not a big deal and an easy fix. Just make sure the buttonhole is there on the other side of the lapel and you should be fine.  
I bought two suits from TM Lewin about three years ago, when I first started working and I found them to be serviceable. Back then, they had bemberg linings and the cut was a little boxy.   I took a look a few weeks ago at some suits in the TM Lewin store and found they've changed the cuts. The shoulders are now wider than they were a few years ago and they've changed the lining to a poly/vicose blend. Maybe they've changed factories or they've undergone some...
  I picked up 3.5m of this navy mohair fabric off Ebay a few days ago and it's going to get sent to Shanghai C & G for a CMT order. There's enough for a jacket and trousers, maybe a low cut lining-backed waistcoat if I'm lucky. It's a very dark navy, certainly closer to the midnight blue end of the colour. I was thinking 3.5 inch notch lapels, two buttons and half-lined with a ticket pocket. 
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