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I'm more familiar with the SRP/SKX divers lines and the Seiko wins out with the build quality but at over twice the price. The 7s26/36 and 4R36 movements have a longer power reserve than the DG2813 and the rotor isn't as loud. The Tiger is perfectly acceptable at the sub 120 price range though and rather unique in terms of look.
It's not a bad watch and it's very solidly built but I'd say it's a few hairs short of a Seiko. The crystal is a domed mineral, it has a bi-directional non-clicking bezel that turns rather easily and the lume isn't as strong as the Seiko monsters. I picked up the DG2813 movement as I liked the hacking feature and I think the price difference isn't worth the Miyota. The 3 nato straps that came with it are very comfortable and of excellent quality.
  Seiko SRP601 on a shark grain deployment strap from CousinsUK. The rough texture of the strap works well with the tool aesthetic of the watch. 
  Tiger Concept 6538 homage. 
Put in Monster Hands and a domed acrylic crystal to make it resemble a Shogun
Decided to rock my modded orient ray on a shark mesh bracelet today.
www.thetiebar.com   You're welcome. 
Consider a mohair or fresco weave suit with half/quarter bemberg lining. Should help considerably in the heat. 
  Orient Ray Mod, "Monster Ray" after many months of waiting for parts from the factory. Changed the hands to Seiko Monster from Yobokies and got a domed acrylic crystal from Cousins UK. 
I got a SRP601, one of the new Seiko 5 monster watches on a leather nato strap
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