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Cheers mate. Working full time while doing PLT leaves little time to indulge in sartorial habits. :O
I recently ordered a three piece double breasted based on my previous measurements with some slight changes. It costed approximately 330 USD as I provided my own fabric from the Huddersfield specials. I'll post up photos when I receive the suit.
http://www.orionleathercompany.com/ I use these guys for belts. They have good quality leather, are hardy and can be had for under $50 on Ebay.   
It's a flat. I would have liked to try the curved glass of the Bambino but unfortunately, the lugs are 21mm - too small for my straps. However, the Symphony fits the bill nicely. 
  Suit: Thai MTM in a blue-grey PoW check.  Shirt: MJ Bale White Herringbone Tie: Tiebar Shoes: RM Williams 
  I picked up an Orient Symphony off Ebay a few weeks ago. Relatively cheap watch (around $140 posted), automatic movement and it came with a steel bracelet. I preferred this over the Bambino because of the 22mm lugs and I had a few 22mm Rios cordovan bands laying around that I got for cheap (also from Ebay). It's been holding up quite well and I've received a few compliments on it. 
I've got a wardrobe consisting primarily of white shirts as it is the standard for our office. I have approximately 9 white shirts now, made up of mostly Charles Tyrwhitts, MJ Bales, a few TM Lewins and several MTM. I think the key is to have some texture like piques, herringbones, self-stripes and twills to mix them up a little. That said, it's hard to go wrong with them although I do miss being able to wear colour. 
Contemplating getting a pair of burgundy double monks from Shanghai Tianzi. I usually wear chukkas or RMs to work but I don't really fancy rocking up in those in 30 degree+ weather. 
I ordered quite a few ties from them. For $15 a pop and about $12 shipping, they fit the bill quite nicely for someone on a tight budget. The quality isn't particularly phenomenal but they're on par with many of the $30-40 ties from Myer, DJ or MJ Bale. Delivery is quick and they have some nice designs.  
New Posts  All Forums: