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Good result. I picked up my pair today, GY-welted, danite-soled.  Fits well and after wearing it for a bit today there weren't any issues so far, although I can relate with previous posters about insole lining and lack of cushioning.   Boots were $2300HKD.   
Ended up getting some shirts made at Lee Baron. Any comments?                    
Hi there,   Just got my first shirt from modern tailor and was looking for some input. I think there are a few changes that I would make to this shirt: Reduce arm sleeve by 2" Reduce yoke by 0.5". Shoulders too long. Reduce waist by 4". Waist is way too big, the shirt is poofing. Enlarge armhole by 1". Armholes are too tight leading to the shirt tugging between neck/armpit   Any other suggestions?            
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