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It's actually not more durable and you can still get roping on a lock stitch hem.  It's pretty well explained here:
Check out this reddit thread:
Don't forget, Momos use topstiched inseams so you can get them tapered to fit at places such as Railcar without losing the selvedge.
Grats on becoming an official affiliate, you guys have made some impressive progress since Kickstarter!
 Try railcar, willrh1 got his BOM003's tapered by them.  His post is here:
Give these guys a shot:
  There's the Tate and Yoko collab:
They are really close besides the leather patch, which is much better on 3sixteen. There's a pretty good chance they're both made in the same factory based on what we know about both companies.
  These are slim fit.
Haven't posted here in awhile, but with the new indigo/indigo coming out I thought I'd post my solid indigo slims to give you all an idea of what the new ones will look like. [[SPOILER]]
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