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When is the next restock of men's crew shirts?
Been thinking about getting rubber half soles on my 1k's, but haven't quite convinced myself to do it.   Question to all: What are some reasons for getting these boots half-sole'd? If/once the rubber sole is on, can you still revert back to the leather sole?
The scratch marks on the tongue due to the backside of the eyelids.. they are expected right?
Gentlemen and scholars,   Bick 4 or Obenauf's LP?   PS - I'm leaning more towards the Bick 4 since I already have a bottle, but wouldn't mind grabbing a bottle of Obenauf's (or any other recommended conditioner) depending on everyone's input.
  Curious if anyone knows if this is a reputable source?
Will being a stockist affect your store's price for W1K's?
Would wearing said socks (or similar socks) require someone (me) who is looking into purchasing a pair of 1K's to size up?
Thanks for the advice Cold Iron! 
Is Bick 4 Leather Conditioner a good substitute for obenauf?
Hello all!  Any suggestions on how to pick the right size for 1000 mile boots?  I've heard all sorts from true-to-size, to 1/2 size down, to even full size down.  I'm sure this topic is in this thread somewhere, but seems too difficult to search through all 1700 posts.  Just wanted to see what the most consistent answer is.  Input is much appreciated!  Thanks!
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