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I bought the reflective ones first, and once I tried them on I went to the MMM eboutique and saw they had them in a 45 that sold out when I went to add them to the cart. I missed it by mere seconds. Unbelievable. Anyhow, I ordered the new season ones that have the textile panels because the other ones aren't available anywhere now and figured I'd return them. While the new ones were en route, I started wearing the ones with the patent leather that's barely visible (also...
I'm in a bind here. I bought the pair with the reflective panels at 30% off, size 44, but found they don't fit as well as the ones with the textile panels in a 45 shown in the middle, which I paid full price for. I like the look of the reflective ones a little more, though I'm not sure how much they would stretch if I decided to keep them. My toes touch and they are bearable with socks only as thin as dress socks. Thoughts?
Anyone order from ssense or MMM's online store recently? I've never had a place take ~5 days just to process an order before. And yeah, I know this question is a bit off topic, but both places have 50% off MMM sneakers right now.
Can't wait to finally wear the 4060 (on grant last) tomorrow. I've been reserving them for more formal events, so I'll probably switch up the lacing style. And also, I prefer the fit of these over my other Aldens, which are either on the barrie or trubalance. Now, do you think they're too dressy/narrow to be worn casually or is that best limited to wider shoes and maybe a little more broguing?
I think a lot of it has to do with the marginal price difference between calfskin (~$500) and shell (~$650). But still, even in the calfskin price range, I opt for cxl or suede first simply due to more appealing offerings.
^^^Did you smash the toe box on those? Maybe it's just an illusion from the angle, but the toe area looks flatter. Nice color they transitioned into. But no shoe trees?
First day breaking in my 403s. They'll be perfect for Fall/Winter boots.
Up on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Indy-for-J-Crew-10-5-d-worn-once-MSRP-499-/221276773518?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item33851f9c8e Bidding started at $250
This reminds me of the time I returned a pair of Alden plain toe boots at the King of Prussia mall outside Philly. I don't think anyone working there had ever seen Aldens in person just by the way the store's sales associates had the boots out of the box in no time and passed them around like something sacred.But yeah, very rarely does it ever seem like J.Crew has any of their shell collection in stock minus the unusual sizes. It's not uncommon for them to extend their...
Up for sale or trade is a pair of Alden Indys in 10.5 d.   I thought a 10.5 would work out well for me but it's simply too big.   I had them on for a maximum of 8 or so hours and that's it.     I'm asking $299 or a trade for another Alden shoe/boot but in 10 d if it's the barrie/trubalance last.   Original box and shoe bags are included.   Shipping is $15   Paypal only please.
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