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Hi everyone!   About the Corthay shop in Paris, more and more employees speak english (Karim, the young patineur, speaks fairly well and Yasu is fluent).   About the polish for a Caviar patina (such as the Kleber on the front page), I would use a black colour on a regular care base, and swap to light brown once in a while if you feel it is getting too dark.   It is a main advice that I give about polishing: Always use a darker colour! It gives a lot of depth...
Hi everyone!   My name is Thomas Kalflo and I work as a Craftman for Corthay. Let me know if you have any question about the fitting/colours/material/care/do-able models... anything.    Have a good day!   Thomas   PS: Some of your pictures were directly or indirectly taken from my FB account. Very surprised to see them here^^!
Hello everyone!   My name is Thomas. I'm in my mid-twenties and I live in London, UK. I work as a Craftman for the shoemaker Corthay. I will post some of my creation from time to time (I am a patina artist) and original models made by our Made to Measure workshop.   My wardrobe is as quiet as my shoes are flashy. Black/grey or light colour shirts, rather narrow fitting jeans, and very colourful socks!!   Grey or black 3pieces suit when needed.   Have a...
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