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So basically I'm quite a ways off on finding a good fit. I could tell it was a little bit roomy in the chest, but I hadn't noticed the shoulders were too wide. I guess it was such an improvement on my last suit that I didn't notice it still has quite a ways to go. Thanks very much for the feedback!
I'm a first time poster on here, but I've already found a lot of the advice throughout the site very helpful. Helping me in my transition from having poor style to better style at least. Anyways, I need to get a new suit right away, and I posted pictures on page 119 (sorry, some of them are sideways, and I don't know why or how to fix them!) - if anyone can give me some advice on fit, and how I should alter it to fit better I would appreciate it. What to look for in...
This looks like a very interesting thread so I guess I'll give it a try. Just go easy on me - I only recently realized that NBA rookies aren't the ideal role models for suit fashion. This is an Indochino suit, and while it seems that Indochino has been drawing the ire of many posters here, at least its a step in the right direction for me considering the fact that I can see now my last suit was more appropriately sized for a 6 foot 10 mob enforcer. Everyone has to start...
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