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I have....and believe it or not, they are not to helpful with the tallow subject.
Question regarding tallow.  Dunhill recommends brushing with horse hair brush to help the leather absorb the tallow and to add tallow when necessary.  There is different tallow (mutton, beef, mink) when researching on the internet.  What kind does Dunhill recommend?  What kind do you guys recommend? Thanks you all your guys help!
Can anybody provide any information for the following watch? I do not know much about Alfred Dunhill watches. I am familiar with Alfred Dunhill cases, attaché cases. Any help and information would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you! Alfred Dunhill Baby Facet Ladies' Rectangular 40 Diamond Watch with Stainless Steel Band Model # DQ1998Z The pictures of the watch can be found by clicking on my profile. Again, thank you for your help and input!
Awesome!!!! Classic!!!
Well said VRaivio...Thanks for your input.  My mind and my case is at ease!
 Thank you!
 Thank you...really want to keep it and hand it down to my children, as it is a very cool piece, but the idea to flip it and make some cash keeps running through my head.
Alfred dunhill quoted me $15,000+ to make a new one of these!!! That is out of this world!
Thanks...Yes, it is a beast.  Alfred Dunhill craftsmanship blows me away!
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