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Thanks! If you would like I can PM you when I know more details of when and how they will be sold. Let me know. Thanks.
We plan on offering them for retail.
I myself am in this category! As I said before we hope to move on to all sizes!
 The lenses we currently use (plan on using) for sunglasses is CR-39. With Horn it is important to use a lightweight lense, therefore glass is not optimal. The lenses will all be polarized!  We actually just sent a design similar to what you are describing for sampling! I will post pics as soon as they arrive! The price point we are hoping for will be in the $250-$300 range. give or take
Thanks! I have submitted the next designs for sampling. So hopefully in the coming weeks.This design is 54mm lense. The designs I submitted for sampling now are 49mm and 50mm. These are for average size faces, however I plan to make designs for small faces and large faces once I get things started. 
Thanks for the input! This model was meant to be more contemporary. The designs I'm working on now are more classic designs.
Ok here are the pics! Please let me know what you think of the design and coloring. All feedback will be very much appreciated!  
Ok I received the sample today and the quality is better than expected! They feel very sturdy and have a certain weightlessness of horn. I hope to post pics tomorrow. This sample is of a medium brown color with polarized lenses. The sample I am currently working on will come in 2 colors a white/honey for sunglasses and black with white stripe for optical.
The idea is to offer high quality frames at affordable prices.
India, they export some of the world's most beautiful horn. This is where all the reputable companies source their horn from. At least one of the countries.
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