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Hey, I've been a member for quite some time now, and I just launched a kickstarter for high end genuine buffalo horn sunglasses and optical! The designs are great, and they're affordable! Check it out!
Hey, thanks! that's actually my kickstarter! I've been a member for quite some time and I just launched. All the frames are made from Genuine Buffalo Horn so the patterns are stunning and unique!   The project is called Luxury Eyewear For Everyone check it out!   Let me know what you think! Thanks
The temple length is 145mm which fits most faces. Hope that works for you.
Thanks for the input! For production we hope to modify the lens color.
Hi, it's been a while but I just received the final samples I'll post pics over the next few days heres one pair in 2 colors. Please leave feedback. Thanks!        
Here is the next sample. This is an optical frame in black horn with marbled grey and brown. Please let me know what you guys think.
That coloring is very nice. But these frames will be a different color, so I don't think blue lenses will work with it.
The proposed priceAs of now we won't be putting Rx lenses in, but the lenses will be able to be swapped for Rx at your optician.Sounds like a cool idea...will def keep it in mind!
As I said before we submitted a design similar to wayfarer albeit more round. I will post pics when I receive. In regards to lens color, we are looking into the option, but don't know yet whether or not we will offer this. What color lens did you have in mind?   
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