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Fred G. Unn - Thanks for all the feedback and compliments! Adjustable nosepieces are a great idea, and we will be exploring all our options as we expand our collection, but first we gotta reach our funding threshold on Kickstarter! If it's an issue of comfort our frames as with all horn frames have a unique comfortable feel on the face! Sarkozy - We source our horn from India, our hinges from Germany (OBE) and we work with a small manufacturer in the orient that...
OlafG sorry we don't have the size you need we tried to keep everything average for the first collection, but we hope to look into both larger and smaller frames in the future.
Hey guys, if you're new to kickstarter - it's simple!   The link will take you direct to our page - Scroll down and on the right you'll see a list of 'Rewards' (Purchases)     Select the one you want - it'll ask for an email and to create a password - from there it's like a regular online purchase!   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1712645930/luxury-eyewear-for-everyone
Hey robert279, thanks for your support we know you'll love your pair! Keep us updated!    Also just wanted to let everyone know - we're also offering Genuine Buffalo Horn Collar Stays for on $20 and $50 for a set of 3! Comes in stunning packaging you can see them on our kickstarter page 
Hey there, I had a thread a little while back on some designs I was working on for a new eyewear/sunglass line made of Genuine Buffalo Horn. You guys helped me out with design feedback and tips - Just wanted to keep you updated that we launched on kickstarter, the projects name is Luxury Eyewear For Everyone by Howard Flacke Eyewear. We're trying to help put an end to the overinflated prices currently dominating the eyewear industry by offering high quality genuine horn...
 Thanks! They're even nicer in person, can't wait to get them in your hands! Please share our link with your friends!
Thanks guys! Please share the link   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1712645930/luxury-eyewear-for-everyone
Hey, I've been a member for quite some time now, and I just launched a kickstarter for high end genuine buffalo horn sunglasses and optical! The designs are great, and they're affordable! Check it out!   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1712645930/luxury-eyewear-for-everyone
Hey, thanks! that's actually my kickstarter! I've been a member for quite some time and I just launched. All the frames are made from Genuine Buffalo Horn so the patterns are stunning and unique!   The project is called Luxury Eyewear For Everyone check it out!   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1712645930/luxury-eyewear-for-everyone   Let me know what you think! Thanks
How can I get a response about advertising? I emailed twice but no response....Does anyone know pricing?
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