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Hey SF, we have just 20 days left to reach our goal, so if you haven't-please check us out and share our link   Short Link:   Thanks,   Howard
 @alex7 Thanks! the bridge size for the Smith is 20mm. If you scroll down on the kickstarter page it says Frame Sizing and lists all the sizes.   @chrispy650 In this color and shape we found the Marlowe to be very versatile if you'd like I can send PM you a pic on a blank background also you can scroll down on the kickstarter page to see more pics.
Great! Got your message and marked it down by your order. Thanks again!
The early bird is Free Handcrafted Horn Collar Stays ($20) with every pair and it's still available!
@rbhan12 Great q uestion! Absolutely not. Quality was of utmost importance to us as we conducted our search for sourcing our horn. We source our horn from India where the worlds most stunning horn comes from, and we found a supplier that can ensure the quality of every piece. there's no such nomenclature in regards to horn.
Hey @venividivicibj Thanks for the order! Just message me through kickstarter or PM me and I'll put a note by your order for which pair. Thanks!
Thanks! Theyre Similar to the ones in your profile drawing :) you're gonna love the way they look and feel! 
@Sarkozy No problem, again the materials are sourced and we are working with a small manufacturer in Shenzhen
@bpowens Thanks so much! Every pair ordered gets us one step closer to our goal   To all SF members thanks so much for your help, It is truly appreciated. we're currently 37% funded and counting. With your help we can reach our goal straightaway!
@TimQ Thanks for the support! Let us know if you have any questions.   @bpowens Thanks for the compliments! If you look on our page under Features & Benefits , the lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protection.
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