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@aidanc The temple sizes are 145mm they can't be manually bent aroundaround your ear, however over time the horn will mold to you. So if they're a little long for you, won't be an issue
@hookem12387 Sure. For starters, Horn is much lighter than acetate, it lasts longer plus horn has stunning one-off patterning you just don't get with acetate. You can see all the advantages on our kickstarter page - scroll down to "Features & Benefits"
@aglose They're made extremely well, with top-notch spring hinges. The material too, is somewhat flexible. We're confident they'll withstand the test of time!    I should mention that through our thorough product testing we've found them to be very durable.
Get the benefits of horn   1. Every pair has it's own unique pattern 2. Extremely lightweight - Far lighter than plastic  3. Horn is Hypoallergenic 4. Horn is super comfortable - The frames will actually mold to the contours of your face after continuous wearwear   Pick up your own pair and help us reach our goal!
Check out the Caulfield in Chocolate Pearl     You can see all our frames on kickstarter just scroll down.
@mcdecker1 Check out our Early Bird, we'll send you a free pair of handcrafted horn collar stays ($20) with every pair.
Hi, we've joined the Streetwear and Denim community and we're super excited to be here! We offer Genuine Buffalo Horn shades, Each pair with it's own one-off pattern. Traditionally priced at over $1,000 (see morgenthal frederics, hoffmann horn) we offer them for $199 by removing price inflating factors. Horn is much lighter than plastic and extremely comfortable to wear. The designs are great and the quality is top-notch! We launched on kickstarter and have 7 days left to...
Today we bring you the Smith!   The Smith is a minimalist frame with a stroke of personality. Striking the perfect balance, it is super wearable. An authentic approach to less is more. Here's a pic. And remember we need your help to reach our funding goal and get started. So check us out here​ scroll down to see our frames. All our frames are made from the highest quality genuine buffalo horn. Priced by other brands for over $1,000 bringing them to...
@HORNS Thanks! Absolutely! We're happy to accommodate you!
Hey there, we wanted to share with you our collection, today we're featuring The Marlowe: The Marlowe features clean lines and a stylish look that is simultaneously contemporary and classic. Its deep warm earth tones are constantly in flux as the sunrays filter through. The Marlowe's a versatile style and can be paired with formal or streetwear. Get one now, exclusively through our kickstarter campaign, continuing for only 18 days! Here's a pic: Check out the rest of...
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