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  Thanks for the advice...will give it a go.   PM sent.
  ...You're very fortunate the diabetes is gone. Its a horrid disease, to be avoided at all costs.   Anyway....Q: as you were losing the weight, did you have those stages where it just stops? No matter what you do, you just don't lose any more. Extra work outs, less food not making a difference.   I'm at that point now, and at a loss as to what I can try to and break through!! Perhaps you have some advice you can share on that.   Thanks Kshah.
Hey kshah, thats a brilliant  and inspiring story. Well done.   Wondering if you reversed the type 2 diabetes or is it still a problem?
  Listen to him.   Maintain your integrity!   Go and up grade your Quals, then look for a better job.
See.. I knew I had come to the right place.'re a Prophet   Salvation is at hand !!!
So.. at this rather strange time of night when I should be celebrating my anniversary, I find myself contemplating what to do.   Do I rebel and make a stand ?....or do I simply accept the status quo and suffer in silence?   You Dilemma is this:   FOR 4 VERY VERY LONG YEARS I HAVE BEEN FORCED - AS PART OF MY EMPLOYMENT - TO WEAR A UNIFORM OF THE MOST CRINGE WORTHY YOU CAN IMAGINE...And I find myself at a loss as to what to do.   Consisting...
  Yup....looks like its the same the world over. Especially bad when the weather starts to warm. Got so bad the other night, I even resorted to doing a Spinn Class just to get a way from them. Boy was that a shock to the system....but have to say, I kind of enjoyed the change of punishment. Might even do it again....maybe.
  I'm sure Diva won't mind...Ive just ripped this image from his site.         I've been looking at cufflinks for a while now, and I must say its very difficult to find high quality hand crafted cufflinks these days. I'm not a big fan of swivel backs, and least of all the cheap mass produced stuff from the Far East, so when I saw that Diva makes his cufflinks mostly in a fixed style I was pleasantly surprised ....and moved to buy these that you see.
Just a quick Shout Out for DavoDiva.   He hooked me up this week with a pair of exquisite Gold double sided cufflinks I've been chasing.   Anyway ++Reps for offering me the Spring Carnival deal...I wasn't expecting it.   The Diva is a Man!!!
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