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Since when are J. Crew Ludlow suits fused?  They've always advertised that they are half-canvassed.  As for the lapels, I do agree with SS being more traditional.  However, it largely depends on the OPs size and frame.  The Ludlow lapels are a constant 2.5 inches, which doesn't look bad on a small frame, still somewhat proportional.  Now with a larger frame, they do get out of proportion, which does not look good on anyone (Think Shaq in any of his new suits) 
Brooks is still having their 30% corporate discount today which drops most of their their sport coats below $500.  I will also echo SuitSupply and throw in JCrew as well.   If you have a Dillards nearby, you could wait for their 40% off sales.  I saw a Hickey Freeman silk/linen sport coat already dropped down to $320 with an additional 40% off just a couple of weeks ago.   Hart Schaffner Marx sport coats might retail under $500.  Only their made in the USA line is...
Anything on this?  Interesting for what Hardwick suits cost - $250 from  Made in the USA, albeit fused.  Bemberg lining.  100% wool, super 100s maybe.   If anyone has had any experience I'd love to hear more about the quality, cut etc..
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@Diesel FWIW, their Ludlow suits are half-canvassed, Italian wool, horn buttons, bemberg lining, ...etc.  There is even some handy work on the collar (according to the website).  There are always better "deals" wherever you're looking.  If you get one on sale, it's not that bad a deal.  If it fits, it fits, I got a ludlow during their winter sale.   Overall, there are definitely worse purchases in that price range as well as better ones. 
I would take into account that the price of the suit jacket alone ($189) would discount that it is actually half-canvassed.  Suit Supply would be the price marker I would use for half-canvassed suits (Purple line which is half canvassed starts at $469 retail)  Sure you can find discounts lower than that but a retail half-canvassed suit is not going to be under that price.  Zara would simply not be profiting from selling a half-canvassed suit at that retail price.
  That looks pretty good actually, the RAF looks dead on.  I had always thought that RAF straps were NATO straps or fell into the NATO strap category.  But yes, definitely several cm off on the strap width.
  But James Bond did put a nato strap on his submariner...  
Haha no, not with JA or Nordstrom.  I was just online searching for Joseph Abboud quality reviews.  I saw one at a Rack that felt and fit great and it was made in the USA.  Upon some online digging I saw that they were also half canvassed.  I'm not sure if this is only in recent suits but the article below is from 2010 so at least since then I'm guessing.
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