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Belk (a dept store) had some HSM sports coats on clearence for about $160 each. I got two of them. Did I get a good buy considering I got HSM? More critically, the jackets are striped, but not overly loud. Can I wear houndstooth dress pants or striped/patterned dress pants with a patterned blazer, or is that too much? Can a striped shirt with plain pants be worn together? thanks!
thanks.   Actually, I think my next pants will be linens and things like that for the warmer weather.    The odd thing with my ties (and they are mainly all recent purchases in the past six months--weight loss has triggered a new sense of fashion) is that I already have favorites out of the 12 or so I have, even though I liked them all equally when I was acquiring them.  I guess you never know how useful they really are until you wear some shirts...
Ok, let me rephrase. I have about an equal amount of ties and shirts and my dress pants are about half of the number of shirts I have. Is this a reasonable ratio between ties, shirts, and pants?
thanks, thought brown would not work.  will look at the Torinos
Can someone give me some guidelines about a good ratio of business clothes?  Obviously, this figure would be skewed if I had to wear a suit each day, but I only wear an actual suit once in a blue moon.  I am in a semi-formal business office where the man in charge dresses nice but not overly formal (i.e. top button not buttoned always, wool ties, chinos as opposed to dress pants sometimes etc...)   Fridays are more casual, so no shirt/tie, so these are only worn...
Got some nice AE grey McTavish shoes, but want to know what color belt to wear...I am assuming black is better than brown?
as an update, my feet wanted out by 5:30 PM, so the shoes are going back.  Which is a bad thing since those shoes rocked :(
also, i would not say my feet hurt when I walk.  I clearly feel that the shoes are snug and there is not much additional room but not really pain...just feels much different from what I had before.   I can also easily wiggle my toes without much obstruction.
I think I finally got dress shoes that are not too big.  But, how snug shoudl they be?  The shoes I have (AE Sanford) are a 10D [I got fitted and was told I can take a 10 or 10.5 and my foot is in between a C and D).  They seem to fit snug, which I think is OK, but they are very snug (I think "tight" is too strong of a word) in the toe box, especially if I walk.   Oddly enough, the tightness of how I lace the shoes does not impact the toe box fit any.   Is the...
First, I know the correct answer here is "get your feet sized at AE" and I am doing that on Monday at one of their stores, but I am trying to figure out what the heck is going on here...   I always thought I was a size 11D for shoes.  I have always worn the 11D and have been happy.  Recently, I got some AE 11D oxfords and 10.5D in loafers, and they were too big, so I took them back and ordered down to a 10D in the oxfords and loafers.  Before I re-ordered the shoes,...
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