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I have purchased trees from all of the retailers I mentioned above, there is no difference in quality. I believe that the age of the trees has everything to do with the aroma (or lack of) rather than the store you bought them from. Nordstrom trees are generally more expensive, they likely sit in store longer, which may be why the cedar smell doesn't last as long.If you expose new grain by sanding, the smell returns. They are less than $15; if I have to spend 30sec sprucing...
Nordstrom, Nordstrom rack, AE and Jos A Bank all sell Woodlore trees, there is no difference in quality, just full or split toe (and the name tag). If you want your trees to smell again you can use sand paper lightly around the entire tree, you don't need to remove much.
Thanks. I spent some time tonight sprucing them up. A little wipe down with a damp rag, a bunch of brushing and some buffing. Now they really glow, I finally understand people's love of cordovan
I wish that the point on the MacNeil was shorter, like on the dalton. I had been a little on the fence about the MacNeil because of this, even once they came in the mail, but once I put them on my opinion changed. I have never had a shoe that I thought was mediocre on the rack but loved on my feet until now. I am really glad I got them.Oh and the Dalton's are calf, I hope one day to have them in cordovan, preferably brown or truffle.
I got the neutral McTavish and Cordovan MacNeil seconds I ordered last week. I don't see any issue with the MacNeil and the flaws with the McTavish were minor (to me). I applied three coats of neatsfoot oil to the McTavish and I think it looks even better having a little more contrast between the upper/welt and sole. McTavish MacNeil My meager collection of AE, I have tried to keep it versatile.
Find a different brand that fits.
It depends who you are working with. Edward at the Freeport outlet is very quick to respond, usually within a few minutes. You can reach him at
The rough leather does not fit the last quite as tightly; as a result they tend to run larger than a similar shoe on the same last (i.e. Strand).
The shoe that you linked appears to be the Elgin, it and the strand are on the 5 last but being a rough collection shoe it tends to run a bit larger; many people size down.
I would get something brown, maybe the strand in bourbon.
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