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No, the shoulder fit is very important and should be right from the start. I suggest you exchange it for your proper size.
Take a sick day
A few new models are up on the website including a pair of navy captoes!
For interviews you will want black or dark brown. Personally I don't feel that the PA fits a business casual wardrobe, regardless of color.
I would go for a more conservative shirt and tie; pale blue or white shirt with a solid (or conservative patterned) navy, burgundy or brown tie.
I would go with solid burgandy (knit). From your two choices, I like the black better, the grey is too close in color to your shirt.
The shoebank may still has BB seconds available, call up an outlet and see if there are any in your size.
If I were still a student I would go with the McTavish, Elgin, MacNeil, Sanford or Neumok; they are all very versatile. The Sanford and MacNeil will go well with jeans, chinos and slacks, the others with are not quite as formal IMO. Given your choices I would go with the Sanford over strands as they are more casual. I own walnut strands but they are not ideal for jeans and chinos, not bad but not great either. I primarily wear jeans and chinos; my go to AE shoes are my...
Great looking boots, I have the same ones. I remove the laces from the top two eyelets, loosen them up, grab along the sides and pull them on. Shoe trees go in like any other shoe or boot.
They were made for that. Perfect fit.
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