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I'm right handed, until this post I wasn't aware there was a correct direction to wear a belt. I've always worn them like this, just feels right to me. Learn something new everyday.
Yes the socks are loud but I like em. And one from this weekend
The Allen Edmonds shoe bank regularly sells the Brooks Brothers PA seconds for $200 or less, they were $129 a couple weeks ago. Nordstroms sells the standard PA (firsts) for $219 once or twice a year. I would also consider black captoes from Andrew Lock, Meermin, Loake, Herring etc but you won't really be able to try before you buy and they will be a little above your budget.
They appear narrow because the quarters of the shoe should be much closer together; you have a wide (3/4-1") V, a width wider would greatly reduce this.
The shoes look nice although they appear too narrow for your feet. What stitching are you referring to?
When your instep prevents the laces from closing, it will also keep your feet from sliding forward. At least that has been my experience.
Look at his feet, they are bursting out of the shoe, he has a high instep and needs more volume. An 8.5E is very similar to 9D which does not appear to fit, a 9E should help close the laces and give him more room all around. In my experience the PA runs a little larger than the same size strand so that should help as well. The best answer is really for him to try a few sizes and see for himself.I have a high instep as well and when I first purchased my strands in 10D they...
I wouldnt size down, an 8.5E will fit nearly the same and you don't have enough room in the instep. If the length is fine you should try a 9E or maybe even EEE.
It would not seem unreasonable given they are worn 4+ days a week. I suggest you purchase at least one other shoe you so you can rest them for at least 24 hrs; they will last much longer.
I chose shell MacNeil over the Leeds as I prefer wingtips. A PTB will shows the rolls better if that matters to you. Either style will work for your intended use so it's really a toss up.
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