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It looks like a mosin but the pics are small on my phone.
I am not part of the group buy but I recall some asked that the eyelet spacing vary in width (taper towards the top), however in these photos they appear to be equally spaced. Was this change not incorporated? Maybe I'm not seeing things correctly or the spacing may change once lasted?
While the Clifton is not offered on the AE website it is a current model, sold by Nordstrom.
Allen Edmonds bayfield in cxl
I would suggest the Clifton in brown or burgundy (assuming your shoe collection is small). As a blucher it is better suited for business casual and both brown and burgundy are more versatile than walnut. In general darker shoes are more versatile. I like the walnut strand a lot, I own a pair but I do not find them to be nearly as versatile as they are made out to be on SF. I don't wear mine with jeans or chinos (McTavish in tan for that). The Clifton's work with denim,...
chocolate daltons today  
The neumok comes in suede as well (and is a bal).
I think a bourbon Evanston with 5 eyelets would be a near perfect shoe. Unfortunately even if it was a possibility I don't have the funds atm.
Thanks. I'm a bit country so jeans, flannel and boots are still worn regularly on weekends to do house/yard work, maybe not appropriate for MC.Here is another from this weekend, a little out of my comfort zone color wise.
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