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That wear is perfectly normal. Soles tend to wear a lot initially and then it slows down considerably, at least that has been my experience with my 5 leather soled AEs. I wouldn't be concerned.
I would try either a half size down or keep the length but drop the width. I wear a 10E in the 5 last but my 10d mctavish fit very well.
They appear to be basic stackable wood shoe racks, i get mine from Target for $10-15 each.
- As you noted EE is not a popular size but can be ordered directly from AE. I suspect few people do this, so few examples are found online. Most people either settle for half decent fit or find a different last/brand that fit their feet rather than order custom sizes. You could email Paul and see if you can get a 7.5EE without paying the MTO premium.- in general seconds can be recrafted.- to my knowledge AE oxblood is the same as their merlot and burgundy calf.
  Paul specifically asked that we email him with MTO requests; you didn't and got "flimsy results". Many people have contacted Paul directly and placed custom orders without issue. You can't expect a sales associate to know what the CEO offers to SF members, much less dig through thousands of posts looking for proof. If you want a custom MTO without the up charge than email Paul and see what they can do for you. 
  The outlets do sell shell seconds but there are usually very few available since all AE shell shoes and boots are now MTO.
I have been wanting a conservative brown captoe to wear with suits for a while now. I have a pair of black PA which I like but I find them a little round and stubby. This morning I received a pair of Rutledge seconds in dark brown.     Overall I think it is a beautiful shoe, the toes are a little square but they look very nice.   The leather on the independence collection is indeed softer than their normal offerings. The finishing on this pair is very good,...
You have to remember that AE photography is terrible and rarely represents the product as it appears in person.
I took advantage of the Jeffersonville outlet 20% off sale this afternoon. A pair of dark brown Rutledges will start their journey to my door tomorrow. Hopefully the defects will be minor. I considered going with Meermin or Kent Wang but the wait for Meermin was off putting and although beautiful the KW were a little more than I wanted to spend. I was able to get them for $223.20; an awesome price considering they retail for $475. I think the walnut Rutledge is a better...
Get shirts that fit in the shoulders and chest than have darts added to take in the waist.
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