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I used to own a sterlingwear... i think 38 short.  I'm not sure how all the measurements line up.  I remember it being fairly boxy and could shave off a few inches in the waist, but i'm not sure if it would even look okay.
What kind of conversions did you guys do going from body measurements to peacoat measurements (as in, add an inch anywhere or whatever)?  Also, did anyone get theirs yet / have fit pics to go along with it?  
Yeah, I kinda felt that way with my sterlingwear.  It got stolen on Saturday though so now I'm in the market for a new one.  Just e-mailed luxire about getting some measurements / what their standard order is.
I tried on a bedale yesterday.  I measure my chest at 37.  The one that fit me well was a 34.  Pretty weird.
Do you think there's a certain height going along with different styles too?  I've kind of scanned through the gallery and I like how some pieces look on the hanger but then on certain portraits they look off even if they fit the body correctly.  What would you guys consider stout / slim as well?   This is mostly for my personal inspiration.  Not really looking for iron rules but I'm interested in general opinions / feelings.
How did you guys decide to pull the trigger on your first TOJ, or any leather in general?  I really like the look of the MDR's, but when browsing the marketplace, it looks like some people bought it, tried it on, and decided they couldn't pull it off and are now trying to sell them.   How did you guys get into that mindset?  Did you just try on somewhat similar leathers in stores and decide that was a good enough reference?
Hey, who do you contact about this and who sends out these e-mails?  Man, I think I had just convinced myself i wanted green neumoks over blue but now...
Where do I inquire about these?  I feel like I had convinced myself I wanted olive neumoks but...
What do you generally wear under a peacoat?  I'm looking for some inspiration but having difficulty finding anything that shows under it, which implies it doesn't matter that much I guess.  Wearing a OCBD is easy and pretty simple but what else?
What's the general opinion on the smoky gray McTavish's?  I'm leaning towards getting them because they're pretty cheap and they'd fit the role of casual shoes well, but I'm unsure of how to wear them.  The shoes seem fairly light in color, which would mean I could not really wear them for work (at least a tie everyday).  I'm unsure of belt as well.   They seem so damn cool though.  I also have my eyes on olive neumonks as well but these are a full 100 dollars...
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