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Probably will be some repeats. but here's mine. No particular order.   (Brands that I own and wear) 1.Jil Sander 2.Band of Outsiders 3.Maison Martin Margiela  4.Common Projects (can't stress this one enough) 5.Acne 6.Stephan Schneider 7.Raf Simons 8.Robert Geller   (Brands I want to try eventually, funds permitting. I can dream) 1.Lanvin 2.Rick Owens 3.Patrik Ervell 4.Nonnative 5.Dries Van Noten
Minimalism and quality over quantity and design. Solid colors and the perfect fit.
5'9, which is probably average for an Asian in his 20's 
Sean here. Current college student, so I'm kinda short on cash. Probably not the best site to be on. Anyway, I'm looking mainly to gain better knowledge of style and to make good impressions via clothing.   Sean
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