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It seems the cognac soft briefcase is quite the popular item (surprise, surprise). What will happen if the 50 pieces quota is reached? Will you be able to offer more for the launch? Or will we have to hope that the other items sell out eventually?
I'm having fun watching the amount go up. :)
By the way: the link in your secret launch mail is not working. There are two dots in the URL.
In for a cognac briefcase! I love it.
 Fantastic reply! I wish there had been somebody to tell me this when I started to build my business wardrobe.
Hi   I have this MTM shirt which I find fit's rather well (for online MTM). I feel like I should adjust for sloping shoulders AND for forward shoulders to get rid of the wrinkling around my shoulders/neck.   Do you agree and if yes, how much adjustment should I ask for? If no, what else could be adjusted?  
 Ah, I see. I have clean petrol or Saphir Renomat. Which would you prefer? Very grateful for your help!
 Thank you so much, Ron. I will try this then. I have ordered their leather soap and the HUSSARD spray to prep the shoes.
 Forgive me for bumping this but the answers I got don't fully answer my question. I know that I can darken my shoes by using darker cream polishes or wax; I have done that before. The problem I had with that method was that after some time the lighter colour shone through in the creases which looked very messy. So my question remains: Will Juvacuir be adequate or will I need to buy some teinture française?
New Posts  All Forums: