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 Thanks for all the helpful input. I did write to Reszö and the situation has not changed: It is exactly as you all told me. There is no brown in between antic cognac and dark brown. It's obviously a mistake on the website. Difficult decision for me than.
 Thanks for the reply, @RogerP. I value your input a lot since I realize you own one and a half pair of those Vass (or even two?) However, my problem is that I can't find a picture of said colour, so I don't know if it's the one I want. I was in the shop in October but stupidly did not think of asking. I like the dark museum brown but I prefer the leather quality of the regular boxcalf Vass uses (I have shoes in both leathers from Vass.
   Guys, please have a look at the 4th leather sample icon under this link (as compared to the 7th). I get the impression that this colour flew under the styleforum's radar. Or are you saying they don't have it although displaying it on the site?
 Thank you for your answer. Are you sure the shoe in you link is really what Vass calls brown? I'm asking because it is sold as "dark brown". Vass has "Calf leather dark brown" and "Calf leather brown" on their site. I'm looking for a pic of the latter as I'm guessing it's in between dark brown and the cognacs. Sorry for being pedantic. I have not seen it being discussed in this thread, though. arglist
Hi guys   It's been some time. I'm thinking about ordering a pair of brown full brogue oxford boots and am uncertain about which colour boxcalf to order. I have a pair in "6125 dark cognac" and a pair in "antic cognac". I'd like my next pair to be slightly darker than the antic cognac but not too dark.   Anbody has a photo (or a link to) a pair made of what's called "Calf leather brown" on Vass's site? It seems this is the mid brown boxcalf they...
It seems the cognac soft briefcase is quite the popular item (surprise, surprise). What will happen if the 50 pieces quota is reached? Will you be able to offer more for the launch? Or will we have to hope that the other items sell out eventually?
I'm having fun watching the amount go up. :)
By the way: the link in your secret launch mail is not working. There are two dots in the URL.
In for a cognac briefcase! I love it.
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