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  Ron,   Thank you for your contribution in this forum. Things like most black shoes corrected grain is actually mind blowing information. With the inferior research that I have done, it seemed like corrected grain = bad. I was hoping if you could elaborate on why that is specific to black shoes and not brown. Also, I was wondering if there is something you look for in determining the quality of leather. Many times, shoe makers may not disclose the source of the hide, and...
Has anyone tried a seamless tie? The limited edition ties are seamless and I wonder how it drapes and feels? The price is way too pricy for me though.
I typically avoid undershirts due to the lines and the white showing through some shirts. Saw this on tumblr. What do you guys think? I was thinking it be useful during days when the heat gets really bad. During winters, I think a jacket/overcoat would be more ideal. It's pricy for a undershirt though. Has anyone ever worn bamboo?
I was hoping this link would help you out ( but it seems like the shoe you have is not one of them.   Hopefully, the color is close to one of the examples. Best of luck. 
  Extremely generous. Thanks for sharing
Any way I can persuade you to take a picture of the pocket square in action. It is hard for me to visualize the actual execution of the square.
Thank you tailors for any critique that you can provide for me. I recently started a job, and I just like Flyswatter got a suit from Kent Wang. This is a trial suit in which I need to provide the corrections for the final product. Previously before visiting Styleforum, I would have assumed everything looked good. After check out this thread, I realize there are few parts of the suit that do not fit me perfectly.   I was hoping that any of you would help me identify...
Nieman's will give you a very generous (free) sample of Tom Ford cologne. It can probably last you a couple of months.
That is exactly why I got the weekender. I am still not sure if I can pull of the nylon strap, but with some of whnay (forgot what the abreviation was) pictures, it looks pretty nice.   I actually want the easy reader more. I think the classic white background looks amazing. If the weekender works out well, I will definitely get the easy reader with some extra bands.      Rooster, that stowa is a beautiful watch!
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