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Condolences Pio and good luck SField.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I keep my list at Shelfari This looks good, now time to start adding at least this years books to it.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. It's probably closer to ten years since I last went anywhere and even then I probably didn't have quite patience and appreciation that I do now, so all options will be relatively new experiences for me. Tate Modern and British Museum are the first that sprang to mind, but also considering the Saatchi Gallery.
Making a trip back to England next month for the first time in six years. Have a couple of evenings in London planned and have a day or two to occupy. Would like opinions on the must see museums and galleries and how much time to allow for each.
Has been a joy to watch, notably Cook's batting. Most enjoyable batting however has to go to Swann and Tremlett spanking 20 off a Johnson over last night.
Got married at 19, spent $60 and it was enjoyed by the few close friends that came, we stayed married for 10 years. Two weeks after our wedding we went to a wedding that cost $60,000, it was a disaster and they were divorcing within a year. Definitely not a likely situation for most people, but certainly shows that the cost of the wedding is not what counts.
I see that you Aussie's let this thread slide. Felt it needed to be revived as the Ashes are still Englands
I keep reading that BCAA's help reduce the amount of protein you need, but the BCAA's at TruProtein show 0 protein on the nutrient breakdown. How much per g of BCAA should I reduce my protein intake?
Just got deatils of this sale emailed to me, Quercus shampoo included http://www.shoplondons.com/salepenhaligon.html#top
Good to hear Alter
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