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That is how much I paid for one.
I'm about to order these off of Country Attire, and I just want to do one last check about the sizing before I pull the trigger. I'm short and somewhat skinny: 5' 6" with a 36" chest. I'm looking for a good slim, but not extremely boxy fit. I'm planning to go with the 32 or the 34 size jacket, but I measured myself and everything down to 30 will fit (but I get 4" tolerance in the chest for the latter).   Any opinions on which to pick? Sizes posted...
Are these still for sale?
Hi all,   My name is Karl and I've been using the pseudonym "Soitgoes" for some time now, mostly because I don't have to put numbers or other nonsense in my nickname and also because I was reading Vonnegut at the time...   In a nutshell, I'm a person who quite enjoys learning anything about everything. I enjoy music, physics, aerospace engineering, among other things of course. 
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