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First up I am selling a Tanner Goods Standard Leather Belt in Golden and Copper. I bought this belt new and have worn it on less than a dozen occasions. It looks good independently, but the color does not match the aesthetic I'm crafting. I'm not sure this is a fault, but there is a small discolored vertical band between the third and fifth hole (as shown). Not sure what it's from--maybe the copper?   I'll sell it for $55, shipping included.  SOLD.   The next...
I was in some serious pain from the Elkins for the first week--got atrocious blisters on my heels. I recovered--suffer for fashion.  
I got the Elkins today--totally awesome for the price. Wish I'd been able to snag the Tanner x Danner Mountain Light Lownsdale but either they never had it in my size or it sold out to fast. 
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