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Posts by mets69x86   If you go to the men's landing page first, it shows that the light grey crew is in stock?   However, if you go to the men's cashmere page it's not listed.   Is this just a site error?
Hey Nan - any chance the grey crew neck cashmere is gonna come back in stock anytime soon?
so you are the reason they changed the reward system   edit: his post was deleted
Speaking of wool scarves they actually just released the men's ones today!
  sorry my question didn't meet your standards     thanks Ketawa
us poor mets fans :(  lol   i've got a macbook pro with a core2duo at 2.4ghz and 4gb of ram. i think i should be able to handle it. not to toot my own horn but i'm also extremely tech savvy.  the browser i'm using is firefox 16.0.2 for mac OS X and the problem is pretty much isolated to the home screen, just for reference.   @sygyzy: thank you for the real response. i thought more people were having this issue and was actually just trying to bring it to nan's...
not sure if youre serious...other people have commented on this as well.   my internet is my university internet and i can assure you it's better than whatever you're on. also it's not the internet speed that's slowing it down it's whatever the hell javascripts/caching they added trying to make the site look pretty but instead it just runs slow.
just a heads up nan, the site still is super laggy and slows my browser to a crawl
japanese cotton ties as well  
Are these new products products that they're going to try to keep continually stocked, or is it more of a limited "one we're out, we're out" type of thing?  I'm definitely interested in buying both an OCBD and some cashmere but money's a bit tight at the moment and don't want to miss out in the future.
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