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Hi, I just received a pair of chocolate suede RL saunders from shoebank and don't notice any flaws, but I have a concern after trying it on. The heel doesn't seem to lay flat on the floor when I put it on, kinda gives a rocking chair feel, is this normal for a pair of chukka?   Also the shoes are snug fit when I don't wear socks and a little tight when wearing thin dress socks, will it stretch out after a few wears? Don't really wear shoes without socks all too...
Hey is it possible to get the chest measurements for the coat?     
I think on the AE's sale release stated that their major retailers will also get in on the sales event, not sure about Nordstrom since I checked their site and the shoes were not on sale. Was able to pick up a pair of walnut sanford with another $50 off from Amazon. The Fall2012 code doesn't seem to work for me. I had to subscribe to amazon shoes to get a code that I can use directly to get the 20% off. I think that only works for first time subscribers.
Hi, new to the forum, just started my career and started overhauling my closet. Hoping to get some good advice and learn some new stuff here. Started to move away from how I dressed in College and wearing more proper and fitted clothes.
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