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Ok guys just got a raise at work and I'm finally feeling like I'm in a position to get a TOJ leather. The QMDR in black lamb with silver hardwear looks so sick but I'm on the fence as to get a MDR or a QMDR, I know I want it in black with sliver hardwear but I'm still not sold on which leather (Lamb, Calf or Goat) any info or opinions would be really appreciated. 
These are sold out almost everywhere. I've found a size 30, 32 and 33 but can't find a size 31. If you have a pair I'm looking to buy depending in condition. Or if you know where to buy a pair it would be really helpful.
Looking for the johhny knickers Blue gingham size 31. If not does anyone know how the size 32 fit? I normally buy jeans with a waist of 16' with the expectation that they will stretch out a little.
Anyone know where I can pick up that floral club collar? really feeling good about that piece.
I love that APC wool bomber. been thinking of coping for a while. In terms of toj I think drew could do something really solid with a piece like this.
measurements please?
measurements please
Looking at getting some CP achillies low I fit a 9.5 or 10 in vans wondering what size I should get.
I know this is a bit of a long shot but looking for a discontinued TOJ model. Toj0 in a Jason Bourne colourway. White sleeves, grey body, black trim.
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