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Just picked up the ground jacket in white hawaiian print. It's the bees knees. really easy to pull of to be honest goes well with any simple bottom block.
Measurements please?
Personaly MDR also as previously stated 4-zip is king and silver zips > black
I could use a new pair of leather pants...
  Seems like everyone is regretting not picking up a baseball earlier.
Can you get CP achillies Mid's in a 42?
Will trade bank account and firstborn for horsehide A-2 with shearling collar.
How would you guys recommend treating and cleaning horween predator leather? I have a pair of wolverine Austen's and they are soon to be in need of some form of leather care.
Man I would have loved an A-2 in horsehide.
Can someone fill me in on the difference between lamb and calf?
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