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I wear a 38R in the Suit Supply Napoli. Any idea what this corresponds to in the JCrew Ludlow? Also, anyone have experience with their normal vs. slim pants?
I have the pinstripe navy napoli and love it. Also, this is one of the few suits available in separates. I got the 38R jacket and the pants that usually come with the 40R.,en_US,pd.html?start=39&cgid=Suits
Glad to hear it. Sounds like you have the same problem with the pants that I do. I am an avid runner/triathlete so my quads/thighs are larger than normal. They took the seat and thigh out of my pants on my navy and grey napoli suits cause I couldn't order the larger pant size. However, going up one pant size in the pin stripe made the pants fit perfect.   I will try to upload some pics soon. Just haven't had time (or a proper mirror).
You can get an extra pair of pants for the navy pinstripe and the grey pinstripe in the napoli fits. I believe those are the only two suits they sell as separates.
The pinstripe naopli is available in separates. It doesn't say so online, but you can get one size jacket and another size pants. I found the 32W pants that go with the 38R jacket (napoli model) were too tight in the thigh. While the thigh can be taken out by a tailor, the 34W pants fit like a glove. I called suitsupply and was able to get the 38R jacket with the 34W pants in the navy pinstripe suit. You may want to do the same.
Long time lurker, but first post here. I recently checked out the DC and loved it. Layout is great, stellar staff, fantastic experience.   I am starting a new political job where a jacket and tie will be required daily. I'm 6'1'' and 175-180 lbs. The Napoli jacket is a perfect fit for me in 38R. I needed no alterations to it. However, because I run and bike often I have larger quads/thighs and the pants were initially a bit tight. However, the in-store tailor was...
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