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Can anyone recommend me a  stylish and versatile down vest in the $200-$600 range? Nothing super hip or very "this" season- I'm building a wardrobe around iron heart, samurai, sugar cane, Buzz Rickson, Aldens, etc. and would like something that fits well into that style. Oh, having it be able to work with black denim would be a huge plus.   thanks  
  I have the Tanker boot in cordovan 8 on the Barrie last and I fill out the width fine- I definitely don't want a C width.
  I'm normally a 10D in the Barrie last. I ordered a pair of the unlined chukkas through Leffot and Steven sized me up a 1/2 size and put me in an E width (So I'm in a 10.5E in them). I'm very happy with the fit.
Can I wear black jeans with a navy peacoat?
I have a pair of never worn (tried on twice) Alden snuff suede Cooney boots. Unfortunately they don't fit me quite right :( These boots are beautiful! You cannot get these any place other than Leffot in NYC and I am selling a pair of 10.5D's. These are on the Aberdeen last and will fit a size 10D nicely.   Comes with everything just as if you picked them up from Steven Taffel at Leffot yourself (box, dusters, still in plastic, etc).   Here is a link with more...
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