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Have you tried the M3s? They are the slim fit, came out maybe 2 years ago. Their best fit in my opinion.  
I'm in for #4.  A little edgy, but in the right way for work cocktails.   Usually $145, not as steep a discount as the Cramertons they did a while back, but still good a good price for an awesome pant.  Not a lot of sizes left in the M1s, but lots of M3s, my personal favorite.
For all you Hansenphiles, you know he almost never does sales, usually only one product at a time.  Their Facebook says they are doing a Black Friday sale, 25% off Robert Talbott, Pendleton, St. Croix, Gitman Brothers, Zelli, Allen Edmonds, Skip Gambert, Knight of New Zealand, and Torino Leather. And, the sale is already started! Some good deals to be had, especially for items that rarely go on sale. I'm gonna pick up some Allen Edmonds I've been...
They're really nice quality shoes, they're small, and don't advertise much, more of a word-of-mouth brand, so they offer at a less-expensive price.  They have an exotic pair (croc I believe) almost exactly the same as a Ferragamo pair for around $1300 less...quality is the same, I believe the leather is even from the same tannery Ferragamo sources theirs. I second the poster recommending Hansen's Clothing as shipping.  
Look like Allen Edmonds from last season, maybe the one before. 
Facebook informs me that Hansen's Clothing is have a $55 tie sale, Robert Talbott and more. Good deal if you like Robert Talbott - says it gets advertised tomorrow, this is a preview sale. Good site, too, if you've never used them, they've been around since 1898 (and if you call, you talk to the super-old 3rd generation owner).   Link from Facebook:
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