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I've been using Sedgwick's Leathercare.   I purchased some from Simon Baker when I bought my briefcase.
I've been using Sedgwick's leather care with really good results.   It makes sense that Sedgwick would understand what is best for their fine bridle leather. I got my tub of Sedgwick's leather care from Simon Baker.
I don't find it heavy at all and I carry it to work. I suppose it's all relative and depends on what you want your case to do. It is heavier than a synthetic canvas bag but it really depends what you put into it and how heavy your laptop and other gadgets are. Also, I asked Simon to design mine a little larger than most, so my main compartment can expand significantly to accommodate a jumper in addition to the various books and technology accessories that I always have....
    I've been using this one every day for over a year and that includes a Seattle rain or two. With a little leather dressing the thing still looks new so I think it's going to take some time for the "patina" to develop. The hand stitching is as tight as the day I received it and the leather almost bullet-proof. I love it.
I commissioned a couple of cases from Simon and he is wonderful to work with, very responsive and let me into the creative process (as much as someone with my limited creative skills should be allowed ). I've used one of the cases almost daily for over a year and it's amazingly durable despite the bumps and dings I put it through. I fully expect it to outlive me and be carried by my grandchildren.
If you commission a case from Simon Baker Casemakers I’m sure you’ll be well pleased. I have purchased five Simon Baker cases over the past 15 years and each is exquisite. His craftsmanship and attention to detail is simply amazing. I’ve seen the best from Swaine Adeney and the other London best houses and Simon Baker’s work stands up to any of them and his service level is head and shoulders above. While Mr. Baker’s cases are not inexpensive, they are worth every pound.
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