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The other day, I saw a guy wearing what looked like a wool topcoat or trench, that was slim fitting, and had some leather trim on it. Notably, the elbow sections were completely leather all around, not just patches. I thought it might be a Rudsak, but after doing a lot of searching online, I can't seem to find anything quite like it. Has anyone ever seen something similar or know what brand it might be?
Well I just got my rucksack, and I love it. The only problem is that as I feared, when carrying a heavy load, the shoulder straps do tend to dig in, making it somewhat uncomfortable. I also find that the piece of leather that goes accross the back tends to dig into my back as well. Has anyone noticed this as well?
Ok, thanks for the reply. I guess I'll get the regular Filson rucksack in that case. The only thing I'm worried about is if the shoulder straps will end up digging in, like someone else mentioned in this thread. I plan on using the rucksack mostly for travelling, which means holding a sweater, some food and water, travel book, etc. In the end, it could get pretty heavy. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Do you know of anyway I could get pads for the shoulder...
Hi everyone, I recently started looking for a new rucksack, and when I saw pictures of the Filson x Vans Vault rucksack, I knew I wanted one.   Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anywhere that sells it. Would anyone know where I can get my hands on one, or know someone who is selling one?   I found another Filson rucksack that is similar, but just isn't quite the...
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