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Drew, do you have anything to share on your recent leather roundup? Have you seen the latest whisky calfs?
First picture I see of the olive calf that looks olive to me. Beautiful
Is there a picture of the light whiskey lamb out there? (the one currently available) I m changing my collared moto order to whiskey but I m not sure on calf vs lamb. generally speaking I like lamb characteristics (light, drapes, buttery soft) but reading this thread the med whisky calf seems to be the better leather of the two and Charly's recommendation Anyone regret getting calf? Save for Tellure pictures calf always looks so stiff... Also I live in a weather...
Went with what Charly's suggested: 48 with +1" p2p, -1/2" s2s and -1" sleeves.That was after spending hours checking various jackets and shirts for fits and sizes, only to conclude that his numbers seemed spot on... Now the wait to see how it fits before ordering a different color!
Thanks for your replies guys. I m 42"/31.5" chest/waist, after discussing sizes with Charly I m gona be going with a 48 with +1" p2p.. Do you think I should trim the waist and mid or keep standard 48 sizes there?
Thanks for thisAnyone else?
Could anyone around 5'10" share their sleeves length on their collared moto and the like and how they fit?
ordered the sand CM... Might get the olive lamb next, I wonder how the color might turn wth a soak
After obsessing over every measurements I sent Charly in the past couple days I m not sure I m up for giving you a precise count and detailed map on that ...
What is everyone's opinion on this fundamental issue...   Collared moto in olive or sand lamb for a white guy with brown hairs?
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