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My newly received med grey lamb. Could someone share a picture of grey unglazed goat?
Any picture of grey unglazed goat out there?
Looking forward to pics
Has anyone received a piece in grey unglazed goat? Pics and impressions would be greatly appreciated.
I can t make up my mind between med grey lamb (house recommendation) and med grey unglazed goat (fantastic according to Drew) for a 4zip moto... and the cut off is looming. First world problems right there.
Silver or gunmetal for an unglazed med dark grey goat 4zip moto? Would appreciate the house advice...
Drew, which style would you recommend for red soft calf? 4zip moto, 3zip MDR, with or without shoulder quilting? I already have a dark whisky calf CM, I think I d like something red and something in that unglazed grey goat, probably a moto or CM
Received my dark whiskey calf CM with silver zips a couple weeks ago and it s amazing, Charly aced the sizing, the calf break in was much faster than I anticipated, to the point where it s really nothing to be concerned with. A TOJ jacket is a real compliment getter and a great experience to aquire. I think the couple months wait makes you enjoy it that much more once it s there. I ll be ordering soon again ... A T3 or a 4zip ... That red soft calf looks so nice...
I think somewhere in the thread Drew recommends a water soak for lamb collar shaping and leather lotion for calf collar shapingShow us the goods!
Dear dark whisky calf owners... which one of those gallery pictures best represent it?
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