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FWIW,the tag says made in China
i always think this stitch is handwork, correct me if i'm wrong and i just handle an Italy made TF shirt. do you guys think the button hole is hand or machine made?
pre-owned Tramontano bag, $76     2 kiton sc (described as NWT) in 50, bidding price is still low, and you can BIN at $648
this seller has some fucking great steals, eg. NWT Oxxfords suit in 40 $250, NWT Brioni in 46 $400 authentic in my eye,though maybe oldstock
new with defect
just check my SP suit to confirm
i think so too :)
said about LP, i think this NWD suede bomber deserves mention, though it's for lady in size 42, $135 or offer
don't know whether someone has already answered this. it's 100% wool
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