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new berluti belt 85cm   pre-owned duhill Attaché , said made in France   vintage globe trotter case    new stile latino cashmere overcoat in size 44
NWT Carroll & Co suede blouson 44", made in England   pre-owned dents peccary gloves 8.5   pre-owned TF gloves 9.5   NIB gloves M, it's said made from peccary, but i'm not sure 
 new drakes wool scarves 
congrats to who cops the 28'' Incotex Sartoriale    i've eyed it a long time, but my finance is really stressful this period
new Stefano-bi suede in size UK9,  $220
great price    like those two Venanzi, but too large for me
yes  i think it's interesting,though not my cup of tea
interesting briefcase any more pics?
@SimonC lists many great garments   delvaux briefcase, but seems has been copped by @earthdragon   dormeuil tweed cloth 2m   Whitehouse Cox wallet
Thank you
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