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price drop   any code?
NWT borrelli sc 44   NWT st. andrews suit 42
nice coat!
nice coat !   i list(ed) three seraphin coats on B&S, but got no (yes,totally no) interest which made me frustrated.   anyway, good luck for you ! 
great price ($450) for a nwt sartorio sc in size 38   Spoo lists many nwt liverano sc and suits
if i grow taller...   NWT d'avenza DB suit in size 44, $395   NWT RLPL sc in 44,less than $300 
new PRL sc in 38, 100% camel. $400 or offer http://www.styleforum.net/t/444676/nwt-polo-ralph-lauren-italy-camel-check-sc-38r-cashmere-soft-1695/0_30     new sartorio suits in 40-46, €500 or offer http://www.styleforum.net/t/395726/nwt-sartorio-by-kiton-suits-size-50-52-54-and-56-pricedrop/0_30     new LP sc in 42, $540 http://www.styleforum.net/t/417119/new-loro-piana-3-roll-2-jacket-52-it-42-44-us/0_30     new Saint Crispin's suede boot in UK9.5,...
pre-owned joan david umbrella, though no idea about the maker, like the paisley cover
i bought this one in 6/39, and i always wear US6.5   fit is OK for me ( sorry can't remember clearly, some time don't wear it)   BTW,insole is very comfortable(soft), outsole is stiff
i bought two pairs of Cantarelli shoes from yoox ( one for my friend)   all blake construction though one seems be goodyear from yoox pic   not very high quality i think because the spi is low
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