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fabric composition: 75% wool   25% poly lining: i know every character, but don't know what they mean btw,it's simplified Chinese that be used in  mainland, not traditional Chinese in HK
 i have no experience with Nervesa, but i find the detail is same with old corneliani tag.IIRC,Nervesa tag has a 'N'  logo 
new peccary gloves in 8.5, nice price( $40) http://www.styleforum.net/t/512353/fire-sale-brand-new-peccary-unlined-gloves-size-8-5-free-shipping-within-us/0_30
i love those buday boots,but none in my size
isaia  wool cotton
SHOP10   10%off
oh,it's you just browsed your ebay listing, and find that you're the seller that i order those two pairs of isaia socks . very nice socks, thank you!
wow,the zegna couture overcoat is handsome
nwot LP cashmere scarf, bidding price is still not high yet   pre-owned brioni briefcase, no bidder yet   new carmina belt in 32, BIN $79   some fashion side pasotti umbrellas  
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