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you guys actually don't mention this or i miss   New(i think i see the tag...)  Borrelli herringbone sc in 38 http://www.styleforum.net/t/413306/nwot-borrelli-napoli-sorrento-golden-tweed-sportcoat-38r-soft-shoulder-3-r-2-patch-pockets-msrp-1440/0_30 BIN $250 and can make offer what a deal!
we too
an acquaintance send them to me and check my interestbut i don't know anything about the maker....
I have too,even nowcest la vie
i think i can't sell 4 even over a month
i get some pics of a briefcase,which looks very nice but i can't find any info about the maker on the net maybe you experts here know something     
oh,thank you for your correction
New Santoni norvegese (or Goyser ?) boot, size 6 8 9 10 available BIN Eur 225.5   NWT Caruso sartoria parma line suit, 42 start bidding price Eur 100   NWOT Sartorio sc,44 BIN Eur 200 very great deal IMO   NWT Dunhill umbrella start bidding price Gbp 85 no idea who make this, but some dunhill umbrellas are by brigg   NWT Valstarino leather blouson, 40 start bidding price $99   maybe not a fantastic price,but i like this barret shoes size 41.5 BIN Eur 150
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