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find many interesting garments today     1)shoes   great deal of new Heinrich Dinkelacker in 10, $300 and accept offer   new Grenson G Zero line in UK9.5, bidding price is still low     2) briefcases   pre-owned dunhill briefcase,made in England, bidding price starts from $125   new cartie breifcase,made in Spain,bidding price starts from $295   new serapian briefcase, bidding price starts from Gbp199     3) coats   nwot seraphin shearling...
NWT Loro Piana jacket M, BIN $440    3 PRL sportcoats in 40L, BIN  just $350, and said new   pre-owned dunhill made in England attache, bidding price starts from $280
new Madova carpincho gloves, size 8 bidding price starts from $85
i once see a bevest made doriani sc    so i'm also interested in the quality of this brand ( sweater and outwear)
3 new pairs of stuart's choice shoes: 1) us 7.5,  bidding price starts from $199 2) uk 8, starts from $150 3) us 11,starts from $255   new pal zileri sartoriale 38 sc, BIN $277   new canali exclusive herringbone sc 44
forgot to post this two cashmere cardigans    new ballantyne in size 40/S, seems a little large to me   vintage pringle of scotland in size 42
new berluti belt 85cm   pre-owned duhill Attaché , said made in France   vintage globe trotter case    new stile latino cashmere overcoat in size 44
NWT Carroll & Co suede blouson 44", made in England   pre-owned dents peccary gloves 8.5   pre-owned TF gloves 9.5   NIB gloves M, it's said made from peccary, but i'm not sure 
 new drakes wool scarves 
congrats to who cops the 28'' Incotex Sartoriale    i've eyed it a long time, but my finance is really stressful this period
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