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i list a Real McCoy's jacket on ebay.   some scratches on right sleeve, seems caused by a fall. not conspicuous because the leather is sturdy and the dark color.   other part is in very perfect condition.   removable fur collar, i don't know whether it's real fur.   size 34, rare XS size     auction from $700.     if you have interest,and finally win, you can pay me here via Paypal, and i...
got this large DVN bag from Yoox   i'm not a street fashion guy actually,and no experience with this brand, but really like the style.   made in India    leather out shell, it's said Italy leather,but the coating is stiff for me, i don't like the touch.    cotton (IIRC) lined.   again,really like the style,so decide to keep it 
glad to hear it, congrats! hope to find more steals,but don't have time nowadays,sigh
FWIW,the tag says made in China
i always think this stitch is handwork, correct me if i'm wrong and i just handle an Italy made TF shirt. do you guys think the button hole is hand or machine made?
pre-owned Tramontano bag, $76     2 kiton sc (described as NWT) in 50, bidding price is still low, and you can BIN at $648
this seller has some fucking great steals, eg. NWT Oxxfords suit in 40 $250, NWT Brioni in 46 $400 authentic in my eye,though maybe oldstock
new with defect
just check my SP suit to confirm
i think so too :)
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