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get no answer here,so i mail to seraphin.here is their reply,that maybe someone would like know too Karung skin should be left to have a nice natural patina. It is a completely natural material without any additional finish.We recommend avoiding the use of any products as it might actually alter or spoil the skin.
NIB st.Crispin's jodhpur UK9.5  $800 http://www.styleforum.net/t/407382/nib-saint-crispins-jodhpur-boots-uk-9-5g-us-10-5e-brown-hatchgrain/0_30
big drop, some crazy nice prices now   why i can't grip my wallet every yoox drop...wtf      and a 10% off code   RMN10FS
hi,you guys   should i conditioning serpent/karung leather? and how?   Thanks!  
'Neapolitan culture is in the structure, not in the style. The style is for the customer.'   interesting article!
about carmina  i think the price in spoo's mege thread is unbeatable too. some XS and large size left though.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/395715/7-12-big-drops-luxeswap-carmina-new-in-box-mega-thread-9-models-many-lasts-40-pairs-all-sizes-also-remaining-lodger-stock/0_30   i haven't bought a second pair yet because i think carmina is really too narrow for me. 
rare concern for PZ here and much less for those weird lines of PZ i think you'd better focus on mainline and Sartoriale line
here you go http://www.styleforum.net/t/140387/the-styleforum-working-hierarchical-suit-quality-list-sfwhsql/0_30
pre-owned brioni ostrich belt 30"   NWT E.Zegna silk/wool sc in 40,BIN $324 the fabric looks nice   NWT caruso made Smalto sc in 44,BIN $300 and accept offer the most beautiful button hole i see on caruso clothes   this guy list some NWOT Justo Gimeno jackets ( CIW, i can't read Spanish),XL,great price   Who knows PATOS SARTORIA? i want to know more about them size 40 sc
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