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santoni goodyear  a little darker in reality
this is mabro
a steal...NIB UK5 carmina, $230   http://www.styleforum.net/t/418085/bnib-uk5-forrest-last-carmina-captoe-derby/0_30
new italy made rlpl loafer in us9, BIN $224 the tag says it's blake construction, so the welt is decorative?   nwt st. andrews for barbera suit in 44, BIN $400
no personal experience with Grenson but IIRC, some SFers says the quality of G zero line is equal or not far from the masterpiece line.  could you please comment on the G zero? Thanks!
pre-owned hermes tote, $800 and accept offer   new mcafee shoe in uk9   nwt chester barrie DB suit in 44   two zegna su misura suits in 44, low bidding price now, and the BIN price is very very good IMO...
3 new with tree Vass in 42, $450 each
drool all day long, and happy to see the SAB finally gone   here is a pre-owned hartmann attache, looks very solid
new TANNER & KROLLE case   2 C&J in UK7  1   2   nwot brioni wool polo L   nwt isaia suit in 44   new canali db sc in 36. very low price, is it orphan? edit:sorry,didn't look carefully, it's proposta line   new BBGF pants in 36w
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