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bump    2 new isaia sc, very good price, 42  &   46     new BC denim 30, $95  i once bought a incotex pants from this guy, very great price too  
some nice certo shoes, norvegese   nwot kiton sc, BIN $455   nwot loro piana cashmere sweater L, bidding price starts from $40   nwt Domenico Vacca cashmere vest 48, MSRP $1950, bidding price starts from $99 ( honestly, not familiar with this brand)   nwt arnys corduroy 34, bidding price starts from $49
Thanks, Spoo!   your gucci crocodile jacket is so amazing  i think it's the best shopping time on ebay cop a NWT McGeorge cotton sweater some hours before, just $20  
find many interesting garments today     1)shoes   great deal of new Heinrich Dinkelacker in 10, $300 and accept offer   new Grenson G Zero line in UK9.5, bidding price is still low     2) briefcases   pre-owned dunhill briefcase,made in England, bidding price starts from $125   new cartie breifcase,made in Spain,bidding price starts from $295   new serapian briefcase, bidding price starts from Gbp199     3) coats   nwot seraphin shearling...
NWT Loro Piana jacket M, BIN $440    3 PRL sportcoats in 40L, BIN  just $350, and said new   pre-owned dunhill made in England attache, bidding price starts from $280
new Madova carpincho gloves, size 8 bidding price starts from $85
i once see a bevest made doriani sc    so i'm also interested in the quality of this brand ( sweater and outwear)
3 new pairs of stuart's choice shoes: 1) us 7.5,  bidding price starts from $199 2) uk 8, starts from $150 3) us 11,starts from $255   new pal zileri sartoriale 38 sc, BIN $277   new canali exclusive herringbone sc 44
forgot to post this two cashmere cardigans    new ballantyne in size 40/S, seems a little large to me   vintage pringle of scotland in size 42
new berluti belt 85cm   pre-owned duhill Attaché , said made in France   vintage globe trotter case    new stile latino cashmere overcoat in size 44
New Posts  All Forums: