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Thank you,sir cop a santoni loafer for my friend
i think the former is newer   i once had a kei with the second label more than 4 years ago.
some drop in my dreambox   but i need a code
a noob question: what's 'raised' mean?
NWT Castangia suit in 44 http://www.styleforum.net/t/480739/nwt-sartoria-castangia-solid-grey-suit-54it-44us/0_30
hi,rach i was told that not each kind of croc has the holes. is that so?
thank you for the point out.and i just state in short
thank you for your comment, rach   i accidentally bought a golden goose sportcoat from an outlet some years ago, when i knew nothing about quality of suit. and as i know more and more about quality,i found the coat was half canvassed and the quality was mediocre,so gave it to someone else.   it's my first and last experience of GG. i tried to find more info about GG online after i bought the coat, but got few.   this two or three years,though i've focused on classic...
beautiful shoe and great price, but half size larger for me
new cucinelli shirt in L, $100 http://peurist.com/shop-by-brand/brunello-cucinelli/brunello-cucinelli-light-purple-cotton-linen-buttondown-collar.html   and some other nice garments(eg. prl sc)
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