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three Altan shoes in 11
new santoni LE(?) boot in 10, bidding price from $100   new hermes umbrella
NIB GG for RLPL loafer in UK 9 &10, really beautiful
is it possible id the maker from this poor pic? Thanks!
@gyasih has 4 nwt isais suits in size 40 on sale
two nwt pairs of gloves.   1)  merola carpincho in 8.5, luckily half size larger for me   2) Meier Bruecher Paris peccary in 9.5     this guy has three new old dunhill silk scarves for auction
pre-owned zilli umbrella   new RL wallet,bidding price starts from $59
NIB carmina jodhpurs 11, $249 http://www.styleforum.net/t/451556/carmina-jodhpurs-11-bnib-forest-last-marron-calf-goma-retail-450-postage/0_30
forgot those  wool/silk. the loudest scarf in my wardrobe   two pouches
part of my spoils since black Friday. new old begg wool/angora and Mc George cotton   [[SPOILER]] rubinacci casual belts. they run one or two size short two valextra garments. also new old stocks.super slim wallet and a key case [[SPOILER]]  full canvassed peacoat, 95 wool 5 cashmere 
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