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no,i saw one SP half canvassed, though most are full
i'm sorry to hear that  anyone can confirm?
thank you!
got a lovely Brigg cane horn tip [[SPOILER]] and anyone can help me id the wood and date?  [[SPOILER]]
two mint Ugolini in 7 (only 1 pic each list,and don't offer enough info),still no bid   new Enzo Bonafe in 9.5, £230 or...
rare animal
Afro's translation for the first sentence is better,so i copy it i can read  traditional chinese but can't write,so i use office word which can convert. here is what i get from word  承蒙您使用LuxeSwap。我們感謝您的惠顧,也希望您再次光臨。
you are right , i neglect it.update (though not perfect,because 感谢 谢谢 are still very similar)感谢您使用LuxeSwap 。我们谢谢您的惠顾,也希望您再次光临。orThank you for using LuxeSwap!我们感谢您的惠顾,也希望您再次光临。no problem for many Chinese reading "thank you"
Thank you for using LuxeSwap use-> 使用 for our Chinese,"使用" always mean use some tool (for example,we can say use ebay,but not use mall), so i don't know if it's your original intention.
no no,it's not good感谢您使用LuxeSwap 。我们感谢您的惠顾,也希望您再次光临。i use simplified Chinese characters which is used in mainland, not the traditional Chinese one in HK and TW that you use above.i can't type the traditional one because that need different IME. but i think it's not a big problem
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