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most likely belvest  i can't see the tag on 'belvest' clothing, but on some hermes and some other brands that said made by belvest. 
wow,those vass and carmina are crazy deals.   but most of them are gone now...i feel gratified that  none are in my size
thank you and it is 5.5 for my small feet
thank you~ two poor pics took when just received. 
aubercy,first wear
i have a 'soft gents leather tote', which price is $995 and was $1250 IIRC.   maybe i would not buy it if i knew it's made in China first, though craft is not bad (not amazing too).   it's said used calfskin, but the leather is not buttery. i thought it's cowhide if not see the description just now.   btw,it's a little heavy imo   no idea those other bags 
the easiest...Nervesa, haha
i close the old mega threads(1,2) which is overloaded and open this.  free shipping worldwide.   #1 Raffaelle Caruso Green Velvet NWT Size 34, but fits like 36   amazing feeling cloth   great craftsmanship    3 roll 2  [[SPOILER]]  measurement ptp   50waist 46sleeve 62shoulder 43boc  74 $380 #2 Sartorio DB sc 46 NWOT  wool cashmere silkdual vents [[SPOILER]]  measurements: PtP          57cmShoulders 50Sleeves    64Waist       56BoC         78 ask $510#3 E. Formicola Napoli...
new E.Zegna brifecase  http://www.styleforum.net/t/522983/ermenegildo-zegna-black-pebbled-leather-briefcase-bag/0_30
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