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great thread!   i browsed part 1 and 2 in few days and learn much.   just catch sight of a really nice looking bag from the armoury's tumblr.
NIB campanile cordovan in uk 10.5, $225
new poulsen skone dunhill in 7uk, very nice looking.   new dunhill briefcase   pre-owned papworth briefcase
hermes SAC 
mint hermes reindeer gloves in 8.5   new valextra boot 42
3 pairs BB cashmere socks, $49
this german seller has some new zonkey boot in large size
pre-owned james smith umbrella   pre-owned mark cross case   nwot st andrews cashmere sc in 44   nwot zegna couture cashmere sc in 46   nwot crombie duffle in M
@marblehouse  lists many belvest sc   high end shoe collection   new BC sc in 46
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