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this thread is overloaded, so i remove those unsold to a new thread and add some new garments.    really thank you for your following. 
i close my old mega thread which is overloaded and open this.  still free shipping worldwide. Enjoy!  #1 RLPL Shawl Collar DB  NWT  40 10L, off white 100% heavy weight linen, even heavier than most wool sc i met. hard to describe how solid the coat is . MoP buttonsno vents  [[SPOILER]]  measurements:PtP   52.5cmWaist 46Sleeves 67Shoulders 47BoC   79 ask $450#2  Raffaelle Caruso Green Velvet NWT Size 34, but fits like 36   amazing feeling cloth   great craftsmanship    3...
very helpful
NWT Kiton cashmere sc in 42L,  $600 or offer or trade...  http://www.styleforum.net/t/379550/nwt-kiton-napoli-cashmere-sports-coat/0_30
in my experience, they won't refund the spread if you've already used a code
though women bags mostly i think, do anyone know about Pierina Borelli ?   can't find enough info, except this from a 1980 ad on New York Magazine  
That reminds me.   i always feel uncertain about the right length of a cardigan (maybe sweater too).   should a cardigan be longer than blouson ?
new carmina loafer in 10, $250 http://www.styleforum.net/t/504373/carmina-uetam-penny-loafer-brown-calf-10-uk/0_30
new EG belt in 38 http://www.styleforum.net/t/507188/fs-bnwot-edward-green-belt-burnt-pine-calf-size-38/0_30
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