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pls don't forget to share
James Smith & Sons umbrella    NWOT Thomas Riemer deerskin gloves in 8.5    NEW Vass belt 48"   NEW W. Kleinberg belts, exotic and calf in 41-42     and i need help for this shoe do you guys think it's THE Zintala we talk about? 
  brand new sea turtle loafer US 6.5/7 by Jarman
appreciate it!
 sorry for the poor phone pic
hi,Parker some SFer said before that "the best alligator belts will have no stitching‘ and "stiched belts look crappy". i don't think they are ignorant. so i always feel puzzled how can they stay strong after some year wearing if they are not be stitched? or the stitch can be hidden like shoe welt? could you pls share your thoughts? many thanks!
i have one Chiaia wool pants ( actually two,just different colors). no experience of their suits and scs.   tons of handwork   and IIRC,the tag is same with Borrelli. quality at least equal to the best borrelli,not the ordinary one this days.​
find the linkname is Walker & Gunn
thanks! it's a brand i see online and don't hear before,but i can't remember the exact name now
pls help me id the maker. made in england many thanks!
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