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i thought caruso first, but the difference is so big any idea? thanks!
Maglia Francesco
though can't afford those st.crispin, my second carmina is on the way spent two days thinking because no exact style/color in my size i want.    btw, my first pair was also from Spoo maybe two years ago (his last round carmina sale),haha
mint Fendi briefcase,looks great made. http://www.styleforum.net/t/524009/beautiful-rare-fendi-briefcase-barely-used-steal-price/0_30
NWT isaia cotton linen coat in 42 i like the blue color http://www.styleforum.net/t/523820/bnwt-isaia-napoli-blue-sport-coat-42us-52it-giacca-sport-drop-8r-cotton-72-linen-28-made-in-italy/0_30
vtg dunhill umbrella http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUNHILL-GENTS-UMBRELLA-/172210090220?hash=item28188570ec:g:7c0AAOSwcvdXOy5Z   new moynat card holder,not cheap of course http://www.ebay.com/itm/1000-Genuine-MOYNAT-Envelope-Taurillon-Gex-Leather-Card-Holder-Wallet-Goyard-/191876875197?hash=item2cacc0c3bd:g:fyYAAOSwGYVW~~QN
'1973' is nothing about the coat, this sentence/phrase shows on many makers' tag
and i asked a same question before,for your reference    oh, i said i find the tag on some hermes coats there...how forgetful  i'm now,sigh
yes,i know.and it's nearly the same as the tag on the belvest brand clothing i wanted to say that see the tag above on some pants (hermes and some others) at first, because i couldn't find the tag on hermes' coats IIRC.but i thought maybe i missed something as @qweshy said it's a suit tag, so didn't mention the pants thing. here are some hermes pants on ebay 1 2 3 i don't have any hermes pants,but have a FORM pants with same tag.
most likely belvest  i can't see the tag on 'belvest' clothing, but on some hermes and some other brands that said made by belvest. 
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