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a noob question ( i just want to make sure i understand your explanation because english is not my mother language) do the knots you mention refer to this position? many thanks! 
the second is old lardini, but not quite sure   no idea the first tag
new huntsman merino sweater in S, $32 no bid now no personal experience with them and no idea who make for them
i intend to buy a (leather) tote too, and notice some RLPL on ebay   but i don't have any personal experience with RLPL leather accessories and bags   it seem their briefcases have very high reputation ( by SAB?), but anyone can comment on those casual leather bags considering they are pricey as well?   many thanks!
sorry that off-topic   briefcase/bag easily gets mildewed here,do you guys have any method to prevent that?   and should i use conditioning or renomat everytime after wiping?
  too late
damn great price for the isaia   and the liverano is tagged size 34, so maybe those 34 guys can have a try
impulse purchase   borgioli   blind brogue           my only shoe that shows nail holes on the insole    no idea why they profess goodyear
congrats and wait for your review
thank you very muchi cop two coats eyed a long time 
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