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congrats to who cops the 28'' Incotex Sartoriale    i've eyed it a long time, but my finance is really stressful this period
new Stefano-bi suede in size UK9,  $220
great price    like those two Venanzi, but too large for me
yes  i think it's interesting,though not my cup of tea
interesting briefcase any more pics?
@SimonC lists many great garments   delvaux briefcase, but seems has been copped by @earthdragon   dormeuil tweed cloth 2m   Whitehouse Cox wallet
Thank you
bump this anyone? 
some pants   ring jacket, very thick wool     PRL brown flannel and Ede & Ravenscroft blue cotton from @MalfordOfLondon    
pls help me id the maker (and i don't think it's burbery)       
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