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Thank you,alex too busy to update and bump this thread during last 2 weeks just find time to add something new cheers!
thank you for the elaboration!
holy shit   my friend just sent me a pic of an antique salmon leather coat exhibited in a museum.   though it's a poor pic,the coat looks so nice.   any maker still produces salmon leather coat ?  
pls photo itvery appreciate 
hi,alex the coat looks nicei wonder who makes it for alain?
they have the best price, but pity that never stock small size i miss them too
wow,just notice a seller has many RLPL linen scs and Baldessarini garments at a very nice price eg.  RLPL DB sc in 38, Eur 270....  i have to admit his price makes me feel ashamed because i list a similar one on B&S at a significant higher price       Baldessarini linen cashmere sc in 40   you can also find other styles in different sizes in his lists
Two NWT Kiton silk scarves,$135 damn,really want one,but no budget on a scarf at the moment...need sell something ASAP     New AS shoe in UK11.5, $135   New Stuart Choice in 12, $200
it's still corneliani IMO
i think William Lockie makes for Drakes cashmere so it maybe for those wool ones too
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