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hi, gyasih could you tell me what is the typical Valextra pockets? when i first browse it, i also think the finish of leather edge (sorry,my English is too poor to convey it clearly) is not as high as other valextra i own or see. 
Thank you for this
dose not work on us site 
nice wallets!   and could you pls comment on the quality of cartier leather stuff?  no personal experience with them.   Thanks! 
 sutor suede monk, tag size 8
NWT Kiton leather coat in 40-44, only  $799
price drop   any code?
NWT borrelli sc 44   NWT st. andrews suit 42
nice coat!
nice coat !   i list(ed) three seraphin coats on B&S, but got no (yes,totally no) interest which made me frustrated.   anyway, good luck for you ! 
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