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drool all day long, and happy to see the SAB finally gone   here is a pre-owned hartmann attache, looks very solid
new TANNER & KROLLE case   2 C&J in UK7  1   2   nwot brioni wool polo L   nwt isaia suit in 44   new canali db sc in 36. very low price, is it orphan? edit:sorry,didn't look carefully, it's proposta line   new BBGF pants in 36w
yes, i see it too. hold back
interesting thread
mint brioni loafer in 42, $300 and accept offer   new brioni DB suit in 38(may fit 36 from the measurements?), $900 and accept offer   nwt caruso for Valditaro sc 40,$250 i have a Valditaro sc, very very like it.  the quality of mine is a bit higher than SARTORIA PARMA line IMO ( hand stitches on the outsider shoulder seam that i've never seen on SARTORIA PARMA line). 
nwt isaia suits in many sizes, $559 the seller also has many isaia SCs on sale.   nwt BBGF cashmere gunclub sc in 43, $325   new sartorio sc in 38,$350    new belvest suit in 36 (those pics don't show on my pc), $500
thank you, @rach2jlc this is from my valextra key holder 
@rach2jlc  and other experts   does this " ECHT PRYM" (brand?) make good snaps, like fiocchi for example?  can't find enough info about them.  
mint Domenico Vacca alligator key holder, bidding price starts from $130   new Camille Fournet photo frame, BIN $50
NWT RLPL cable cashmere in L, $109  yes,you read that correctly, not $190       NWT Brioni cotton peacoat in 40, $399
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