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it's old caruso
patina it
really thank you for the detailed instruction
nwt valextra 48h case,£445 or offer   so good price, i sold a pre-owned one at a higher price before
sorry for off topic i have a lizard shoe,so keen to know which conditioner to use? and is the conditioner also OK for croc? many thanks!
the LP bomber looks really amazing
no problem, but if he use EMS, i think i can't receive it soon.
already won this, thanks again
hi, TD the belt is so cool. and how do you know the MSRP?  i can't find any similar belts on google saw it in store before?
  when browse ebay,i find there are two types of heel of JL.   is the second one older? if yes,when they switch to the new one?   Thanks!
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