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indeed,jeffery.but i think if we constantly update it according to the latest experience,despite some lagging, the list is still useful
i don't have many experience of PZ, especially Forall self brand     here is some information from net:(according to it,can i say PZ mainline quality is a little higher than Forall brand?)     The Forall Confezioni Company was established in 1970 in Quinto Vicenza (a small town near Vicenza in the south-east of Italy) by a group of businessmen with extensive experience in the textile and sewing sector.    By 1980 the companyreached the turning point in its...
Pal Zileri
+1one cotton BC suit handy is full canvassed boglioli which listed as half canvassed or fuse is a little in the same condition,because i have already met some full canvassed boglioli
pre-owned asprey attache http://www.ebay.com/itm/Asprey-Briefcase-/181384029093?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Backpacks&hash=item2a3b54a3a5
nice suit!but use plastic buttons on the coat?
damn,i have to agree that the girl is more lovely
someone asked about  Ferragamo  before (that tag is a little different),but no conclusion 
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