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pre-owned zilli umbrella   new RL wallet,bidding price starts from $59
NIB carmina jodhpurs 11, $249 http://www.styleforum.net/t/451556/carmina-jodhpurs-11-bnib-forest-last-marron-calf-goma-retail-450-postage/0_30
forgot those  wool/silk. the loudest scarf in my wardrobe   two pouches
part of my spoils since black Friday. new old begg wool/angora and Mc George cotton   [[SPOILER]] rubinacci casual belts. they run one or two size short two valextra garments. also new old stocks.super slim wallet and a key case [[SPOILER]]  full canvassed peacoat, 95 wool 5 cashmere 
it's old caruso
they always(not all,of course) fit trim and TTS, but not too slim imo.
just made the first order this season on porter
pre-owned dunhill attache, made in England
hi, gyasih could you tell me what is the typical Valextra pockets? when i first browse it, i also think the finish of leather edge (sorry,my English is too poor to convey it clearly) is not as high as other valextra i own or see. 
Thank you for this
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