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 FYI, i just list 2 Mario Muscariello sportcoats in size 34 on B&S  maybe can meet your need.  Thanks 
sorry if i look like a profiteerbut,damn, i think my borrelli leather vest also in size40, which listed on B&S,is on a higher price-quality ratio.
New with defects Ducker & Sons 10.5(us?),start biding price $111 maybe need some patina skill first   New 42L Battistoni sc, start from $100   NWOT D'Avenza silk sc,don't know size,start from $299 Rock star style IMO....
great deal here NWT RLPL cashmere sweater L, BIN $105 and accept offer http://www.styleforum.net/t/374327/nwt-ralph-lauren-purple-label-cashmere-sweater/0_30
i heard the good reputation of smedley cashmere before,but really hard to find where to buy (mr porter has silk blend one IIRC) 
me too,haha and this is why i didn't order more 
i just order a pair of carmina from Spoo NIB condition, and the price is as low as $239, very very great deal http://www.styleforum.net/t/395715/7-12-big-drops-luxeswap-carmina-new-in-box-mega-thread-9-models-many-lasts-40-pairs-all-sizes-also-remaining-lodger-stock/0_30
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