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 Yeah he had already paid then asked to cancel. I'm a lowly premium. Around 1400 items with half GTC, half auction. Premium is still a bit cheaper than anchor for me... Seems like you have less items, but your sell through is a lot higher, so maybe it's worth it for you?
 Called eBay and they said he can still leave me feedback and I would have to relist it or risk it. 
 Thanks. He only requested the cancellation through a message asking me to cancel. And then I initiated the actual cancellation at "buyers request." Would this be different than if he actually clicked the request button to cancel an item? 
Sold a ~20 year old flight jacket. Buyer asked to cancel because "he thought it was new and could buy a new one for same price". I cancelled. Now he wants to repay for it. Keeps telling me to ship. I can't tell if he's incredibly dumb, or trying to scam me. Every other message is coherent. Guy has 800+ feedback, so scam trying to scam me seems unlikely.    Two questions.   1. I keep reading conflicting reports. Can buyer leave feedback after accepting cancel at buyers...
 I just finished dealing with this same buyer about a older Brioni blazer. Two weeks later he opened return for not authentic, because it "felt like polyester" and the buttons were off. Buttons were just Zegna buttons that previous owner replaced.  I replied and wrote him a long message explaining how it was 100% real. Kinda put him in his place but offered to take return. This is what he sent back. He closed return and left positive feedback. Weird. Someone go thrift it...
 Happened to me last year. We're not used to dealing with humidity in Cali. It's been pretty humid the last couple weeks. Brush off your contaminated stuff like you said / sun will help. Dehumidifier / not packing your clothes too close together to get some airflow going is your best bet. Watch out for your shoes... if it gets into any cork it's no bueno. 
Fake Moncler or just old? Prestil zippers.    [[SPOILER]]
Few shoes & coats from the last couple weeks  [[SPOILER]]
 I purchased fishing rods from them 4-5 years ago without issue. (online)
What would you call the color on this?    [[SPOILER]]
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