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Fake Moncler or just old? Prestil zippers.    [[SPOILER]]
Few shoes & coats from the last couple weeks  [[SPOILER]]
 I purchased fishing rods from them 4-5 years ago without issue. (online)
What would you call the color on this?    [[SPOILER]]
 Wasn't that a striped orphan? Couldn't tell if it had mildew spots, or that was just fuzz on the guys camera lens... I passed. The cashmere 1 btn SC was more intriguing. 
@AlexHold    Crazy haul. Were the hermes shirts marked up like cray? Last time I was at SA in SF, all the hermes, burberry, versace ties were $60+. 
 Both SF?
 Hmm, thanks. Yeah everything about it seems old as hell to me. Only other deetz I can find are the snap button fasteners are Scovill mfg, but doubt that helps. Was thinking maybe someone would recognize it. 
 Nothing but the lining... I don't see any remnants of any tags removed.   [[SPOILER]]
Howdy folks. Can someone clue me in on this guy? 30's, 40's? Or just treated like crap? Can't find any union tags, or any other labels.Talon zippers on the side pockets... main zipper is a YKK (maybe replaced later on?). Pretty stiff leather, assuming it's horsehide. One lapel was pinned to death as you can see.  Is this something I can recondition?  Not Available.   More Pics [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: