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 Cashmere / Silk Blend? Took me 1 day to sell this pattern for $325 in July! Nice find
Woke up this morning with my mannequin gyrating against my bed. Most action I've gotten since my GF went to europe. Good thing thrift clothes are earthquake proof. 
 This just about killed me. 
I have to go to the gym after reading in this one.    "I was very disappointed to learn that you had made an error in the size of the suite you sold me. Your auction description labeled the suite as 43-44 R when in fact this suite was a 44 Long. The tag on the inside pocket of the jacket clearly indicated that this is a 44 Long, not a 43 or 44 Reg as indicated in your add. I would request that you promptly refund my purchase price including shipping of the suite both...
Man, I don't know how long I can play nice with people... Some guy asking to return a J.Press shirt I sold because the "Sleeves are longer then stated." Shirt is tagged 15 1/2 - 32, and I measured them myself at 32"... 
I've been considering making curtains out of my necktie horde 
  Almsot picked this up the last couple days, will have to give it a try. Grabbed their Geuze instead and thought it was alright, but not nearly as tasty as the Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze that has turned me onto the style the last couple weeks.    It's odd how quickly your palate for craft brew changes. I can't appreciate anything malty right now and am becoming stoked on sours, where as 6 months to a year ago I didn't want anything to do with sours. 
  Tartine? You're making me hungry.   Went on a thrift run to a couple new spots today.... First store was a for profit, and had five pairs of Church's and a pair of Aldens. Went from stoke level 10 to 0 when I saw they wanted $150 for each pair and they were excluded from any sales. Proceeded to rummage my way around the store. Skeet blanket... $25, DAMN! Grabbed a pair of Mephisto sneakers to flip for $5 and got out of there before I lost my mind.    Second store, big...
  Planned 420 post? Don't forget to bring your gloves, might get cooties. 
Grilled up some Mackerel and channeled my inner asian.        Processed a pig the other day and made ~35 lbs of sausage. Was my first time making Boudin Noir, and was quite happy how it turned out . Definitely a unsettling looking process!   
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